Best Acupressure Points for Cough Relief – Stop Cough with Acupressure

Best Acupressure Points for Cough Relief – Stop Cough with Acupressure:

One of the common problems in the human body is a Cough. We often found the coughing problem affected the body in the season of winter. Due to a cough, you have phlegm-filled lungs which block your windpipe, and it will also badly hurt your throat which makes you the most irritation feeling.

If occasionally due to bad weather you have a problem of a cough and take medicine to get relief from the problem it is considered ok but if you have this issue with you continuously then without ignoring it you have to be more attentive to your problem and try to resolve this issue for the permanent base.

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief
Acupressure Points for Cough Relief

Here the most efficient solution to remove frequently attacked coughing problem with the help of the none other than Acupressure treatment. The treatment which is very efficient and inexpensive people can find a real help to get rid of the problem from which a person is passing through. You have to be careful if you have coughing problem on a frequent base as it will lead your body to other illness which can be more harmful to you.

Best Acupressure Points for Cough Relief:

If the frequent coughing problem is ignored, then it will cause pneumonia, influenza and chronic bronchitis problem which can hurt you very badly. When anyone is suffering from a common cold and cough problem here, you have the best acupressure treatment which can help you to get relief from the rigid problem.

All you need to do is first get knowledge about the key pressure point to get relief from a cough as all the way this method is only on the base of the pressure by thumb or fingers on effective key points.

Here the experts mentioned that when the acupressure treatment is used by the person along with the medicines, then it will be more effective in all the way to get a release from the problem immediately. All you need to very first understand and get knowledge about the key pressure points from your body elements which can help you to release you from the coughing problem on a permanent base.

Some specific parts of your upper body back, throat, neck, and chest, are the most effective elements of the treatment. Keep in mind that all you need to keep your body relax while performing such kind of pressure treatment on your body. Always remembers that whenever you apply pressure to your key points for the results if you are uncomfortable then immediately stop the process otherwise it will be caused by another injury.

Stop Cough with Acupressure:

One of the effective pressure point to get relief from the coughing problem the Heaven Rushing Out point will be the effective one. This point is considered as the huge hollow which can be found at right under Adam’s apple. All you need to do is put your index finger on the pressure point and give gentle force for two to three minutes. You have to do this treatment every day for four to five times for better effect.

Whenever you have to block in your throat due to coughing, you will need to apply this method to acquire a release from the irritation. With the help of the process, you may get control over a dry cough, painful throat, chest jamming, heartburn, and bronchitis. It is all the way just a finger which can does the job for your pain. You can use this process as and when you found yourself in such an irritating situation.

Heavenly Pillar is another key pressure point which can give you the relief from the pain of coughing.  It will also be very effective for the stress, burnout, heaviness in the head and overexertion problems. This pressure point is found at one and a half inch under the skull, one and a half an inch away from the spine on the both of the sides.

After finding this pressure point all you need to do is put your index finger and middle finger on these pressure points and you need to do a movement in a circular direction for at least seven to eight minutes. The effective results can be getting if you do this treatment for three to four time per day.

There are other important acupressure points also mentioned by the experts which are Ding Chua, Elegant Mansion, Heaven Rushing Out (Tennis Balls), Base of Neck, Self Massage Technique and etc. all the way you need to have proper knowledge about all these mentioned key pressure points to get relief from the coughing problem.

Ding Chua is the pressure point which will be helpful to relief you from the coughing problem as well as thyroid imbalances, throat problems, neck and shoulder pain. This pressure point will be found at vertebra that overhangs on the top when you curve your neck. All you need to do a simple massage in rolling direction for two to three minutes every day so that it gives you relief from the pain and give you the best possible results.

Well there are other mentioned points are also very effective for the best results, but it is not essential that if you are suffering from the coughing problem, then you need to apply all that treatments on all mentioned points. You need to focus on simply two to three treatment points on a regular basis until and unless you will get any effective results for you.