Best Acupressure Foot Mat Reviews with Buying Guide

Today in the modern era people has discovered remedy of every ailment. So if you are looking for acupressure foot mat then science medical has discovered one of the best medicine for your body. When you will want to provide rest to your body this acupressure will help you in decreasing your stress at some level. Stylostixis can work well in that case.

Unlike acupuncture, acupressure let you enjoy even body treatment better because instead of using needles, you can use your fingertips and can be done with treatment. There is an option of acupressure mat which is also called as ‘bed of nails’, this mate is made up of hundreds of short, plastic needles.

It gives an experience of freeing yourself from stress or pain. You can sit, stand or lie on the mat for the results. When you will be using it for the first time do not get scared it sounds little horrible, but after using it the fans of these mats feel good and all your fear of the crazy sound of mat goes away. Here are some considerable mats and guidance for you.

Best Acupressure Foot Mat Reviews:

In the company excellent acupressure mat, you will give your body the best treatment, which is kind of medical facility including hypertension, back pain, and neck pain. It can be used by all genders and all gage of the group and there is no gender issue.

There are rare people who know this fact that, these acupressure mats help in subsiding signs of menopause like night sweats and hot flushes. Some suggestion for your shopping acupressure Foot mats.

  1. Acuswede Acupressure Mat

If you are a fitness freak peeping so many online brands for having the best equipment for your health to comfort the muscles soreness every time when you do exercises then this Acuswede acupressure mat is the perfect one.

Workouts are good for the fitting body but when it becomes a headache after heavy weightlifting, following wrong tricks and methods it can cause you grappling with muscle knots. Luckily, this acupressure mat has come up the more than 14,000 stimulating points to aid you to defeat such troubles.

Acuswede Acupressure Mat
Acuswede Acupressure Mat

Secondly, this acupressure has a plus point that it has made up of premium quality design which is quiet tensile. There is no worry about placing it because it can be placed everywhere whether be it, bed, chair, floor or just about other places. It has the feature of wetsuit type of material that makes it facile cleaning.


  • Larger surface area
  • 14,000 acupressure points
  • The better result in less time (use 20 minutes every day whether be, in a gym, road or home) Usable for every part, back, shoulder, legs, glutes hips.
  • No worries about size
  • Natural effective sleep aide
  • Easy to clean
  • Storing facility (take with you in given carrying case)


  • No cons!   
  1. Spoonk back pain and sleep acupressure mat

It is one of toping acupressure brand among acupressure mats and its products being sold the world over. It has 6120 stimulation points, and it is especially brought for those people who are severely suffering from back pain. This is the best therapy you could give for reducing back pain; it keeps the ability to provide you with excellent relaxation.

Spoonk back pain and sleep acupressure mat
Spoonk back pain and sleep acupressure mat


If it is worrying you how does it work? Then just keep some of the things in mind while using it, this acupressure mat has a particular working process, you will have to lie on mat approximately 20 to 40 minutes before getting off to bed. It works better when you use it in the early morning before offing your alarm, and basking on the bed. This will give you the excellent wake-up stimulator.

It is also being used for the foot. It subsides your worries and gives you completely comfortable. According to Chinese medical theory, there are some particular relaxing points in our feet, which quadrate to our body organs. This shows that reflexology foot massage is excellent for our entire body.

If you are really concern about your health or about your friend’s health buy Spoonk back pain and sleep acupressure, release your body from severe aches. So, now whenever you get them in your feet or plantar fasciitis or other foot kin issues, Spoonk acupressure will help you in a much better way.


  • It folds up like a Yoga mat which subsides your tension.
  • A small sized mat is also on the fingertip.
  • Portable that is why a flawless match during traveling.
  • It has a thick and long-lasting cover.
  • Awesome overall quality and features
  • Topping the list of best selling product in the market
  • It has an appealing design
  • Also, it is long lasting


  • It has the same issue with which Nayoya is dealing, a small number of pressure points than comparable mats.
  • Very painful if you are using it for the first time.

  1. Ajna Wellbeing Natural Cotton Acupressure Mat

If you are on the hunt of good acupressure mat which can help you in reducing weight, then you just have landed at the right place. Ajna Wellbeing will give you best comfort. This inartificial cotton acupressure mat has been designed specially in such a way that it will definitely assist you in burning fat and detoxifying functions.

Ajna Wellbeing Natural Cotton Acupressure Mat
Ajna Wellbeing Natural Cotton Acupressure Mat

Ajna wellbeing natural cotton is good in treating aches in your body. It swanks 5000 lotus- like spikes which give you a natural process of bracing your body’s natural treatment mechanism, emancipating stable energy and relieve muscle tensions.

It is getting popular day by day because of its natural process and good quality. Ajna is indeed using environmental – friendly materials, which comprises deluxe linen and cotton cover, ABS plastic safe spikes and an antibacterial coconut fiber filling.


  • Overall good quality
  • Chic look
  • Very comfortable than others.
  • Spike is keen than others
  • One of cheap product which allows every sort of pocket.
  • It provides a natural process of treatment.
  • Two in one pack( useful for both reducing weight and aches of your body)


  • No cons about this product!    

4. Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat

If your chief concern is buying a faithful acupressure mat then this product ‘Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat’ will surprise you with its feature and quality, you can be dependent for these two qualities and this acupressure mat. Bed of nails has been made up of pure cotton which provides you comfort. Maybe the name will sound crazy to you but this is just opposite from its name, it gives a high level of comfort to your body.

Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat
Bed of Nails Original Acupressure Mat

Bed of nails has over than 8800 spikes which release your tension and the trigger plays an important role in enabling your body purifying itself from toxins by releasing energy. The embedded spikes activate the release of oxytocin and endorphins for subsiding pain.

It has a simple way to use by placing the mat on a floor or bed. You just need to do is rest on the mat gently for between 10 and 15 minutes. If you are fresher in using this acupressure mat then keep this one thing in mind wear light clothes till your skin or body comes in the spikes.

Bed Nails original Acupressure Mat Pros

  • Higher nail count suggests a good weight distribution if comparing to other mats.
  • Powerful for back pain.
  • Easy to carry on works and travel.
  • Very comfortable repo

Cons of Bed nails

  • No neck pillow is being provided
  • Very expensive
  • Spikes are too sharp

  1. Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

The beautiful Nayoya acupressure brings you all solution at one stoppage. For more convenient the manufacturer has given an additional stuff with a mat that is acupressure pillow, which will be just like fresh air to your body.  There is more with it. It has a fetching tote making it easy for piling up or transporting.

Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

It has 6210 acupressure points which press hard against your body. This process helps in activating the flow of blood to your body; subsiding swelling and slashing aches. The best part about Nayoya Acupressure  Mat has it is offering you acupressure pillow with 1782 acupressure points, which helps your neck and shoulder areas rescuing tension.

Nayoya Acupressure Mat Pros

  • Succour from back and neck pain
  • 782 acupressure points are given for neck ache
  • 6,210 Acupressure points reliefs from instant back pain
  • Supplies a sort of comfort for lower, mid and upper back and even for the neck.
  • Assists in reducing coccyx tailbone ache
  • An affordable price
  • Complete, built- in- pillow
  • Good reviews are coming regarding this product
  • The travel bag is an additional item.
  • Compact when packed

Noyoya Acupressure Mat Cons

  • It has a painful beginning which rare customers could cross.
  • A handful of pressure points than other comparable mats.
  • It is tiny for a bigger person       

Buying guidelines

What is an Acupressure Mat?

Before you buy acupressure, know a few of things which is the must. If you do not know about treatment method then here is the simple and easy guideline for you. Unlike acupuncture, it does not use needles directly. Instead, acupressure allows massages and solid pressure for activating points to relieve stress.

There is a simple difference between acupuncture and acupressure which people tend to confuse, both give almost same treatment one in direct contact of the needle, the other indirect needle. But both the treatment is not useful until it activates the 14 meridian points in your body.

Acupressure is befitted with a pointer or stiff discs, which are made in such a way that they generate the proper volume of pressure on the meridian points. If you go damn busy with your timetable then acupressure can work as a lifesaver. Even a certified practitioner has shown a green signal for using acupressure and if you are a health conscious it will keep pace with daily balancing of your meridians.

More than 70% of users found it the best or powerful tool in managing pain. Because this acupressure works in different parts of your body. Even doctors recommend acupressure during their expecting time as it assists to develop blood inflow to the uterus, induce labour or activate uterine contractions and it affects the hormonal reactions. But do not use it without concerning your doctor otherwise instead of comforting you, It will put you in trouble. Also, prefer a certified acupressurist.

The manufacturer is ready to provide you with a variety of products. You just have to make a right choice for yourself. Not only pregnant women can take profit of acupressure but baby acupressure also come, the motto of this acupressure is to free people from congestion, teething pain, constipation, and colic issues.

The method of working acupressure:

The original oldest technique of performing acupressure was to use fingers. From Chinese to Indians everyone went through this process. This process uses a method of applying pressure to the reflex points on your body. This lets you build up the profile of the fit body. Also, it lets you do relax both your mind and body.

There are two ways of a method on how acupressure mats work. The first one supports the idea of involving mats befitted with tons of pins which assist in activating acupressure by using these mats are those found on the back.

The other one supports the concept of activating acupressure mats aid in blood circulation. At first, acupressure will discomfort your experience but once you will get used to it you will develop the love for acupressure therapy. There is a reason behind why does this happen, it is because the pins nudge into your skin.

This process activates to develop your blood circulation to many parts of your body. Thereafter your body transforms into the new mould which feels homely and this process supports in easing muscles relaxation.

Look at these points

Migraines – If you are ready for defeating pinch of pain then you can go for plying your mat on a hard exterior then rest on that. If you do not have a mat and pillow set then you can use a tiny pillow for resting your head on.

Back pain and neck pain – For getting profit for this process, you just have to do is place your acupressure mat on your bed. If you are not able to survive plastic needles, you can wear any light cloth and then rest on that for near half an hour. Lie down on the mat, start pulling your knees and try to reach to your chest level. For freeing yourself from neck pain you just need to do is place it beneath your neck.

Deep sleep treatment – This process involves some methods like you will have to place the acupressure mat on your bed, rest over that confirm that your head is in proper contact of the pillow. Start taking deep breaths and when you start feeling dizzy, make sure you keep mat side.

Face treatment – Did you get shocked? Yes, acupressure can also be used for massaging face and for giving relaxing treatment to your face. You just need to adjust your face on the mat and make sure you rest your face on each side for approximately 5 minutes. Keep this in mind while you are doing this, cover your ears with a hunk of the cladding.

Abdomen tranquillity – For getting the good abdominal result you have to place acupressure mat on your abdominal area and rest on that approx twenty-five minutes. If you want to see the best result then use it with a facial massage treatment, it will benefit you more with fast consequences.

How to pick the best acupressure mat

There a difference comes when we talk about different products. They differentiate while it concern functionality, comfy, portability, and price. You need to look after few points and make a wise decision for getting the best results while you take care of your health. So here are these points.


The very good and common feature of acupressure mat has washable material, an inmost foam layer, and plastic pressure points. Or if you are hypersensitive then consider hundred percent cotton cover and hypoallergenic foam chief.

Nonetheless of the fabric, if you will give daily care to your mat (wash on regular basis) then you will keep yourself healthy and protect yourself from hypersensitive contacts of dust and other allergens.


Some of the things you should keep in mind which most of the people do not consider while purchasing mats that if you love to travel then you should look for case or bag it will keep your acupressure mat dust free and allergic free.  There are some mats which are available in “travel size” quantification, too. It increases the chance of your mat’s life.


On this note, people wonder acupressure mats will be available on high price so some of the people do not even bother to check price once and in this way they start playing with their health. If you are looking for feet acupressure then it is the least expensive which comes at an affordable price starting pretty well under 20 dollars.

But if your concern is fullback mat, you will have to pay around 20 to 60 dollars from wherever you purchase. Prices differ on depending on the product, whether they are giving you pillow or an additional stuff.

Different Sizes

Acupressure is available in different sizes. This is one prominent thing you should look while buying acupressure mats. Because there is some acupressure which is able to cover the whole back of an average person while other to large people.

Also, large mats give you more comfy during home use. This works better with big sized people. So pick according to your size.

Conflict; does acupressure really work?

Many people ponder and questions do acupressure really work. So there are many reviews which prove acupressure as one of working therapy from releasing your body from several kinds of pain. There are people who openly talk about their suffering of fibromyalgia and muscle spasms. They told how wonderfully acupressure mats work.

We human beings are so much in contact of a sitting desk or traveling for long hours. It causes us severe back and neck pains. So from unshackling from such issues, everyone needs to make out time for stretching out and supporting blood circulations which is a pivotal part of the daily schedule.

Nonetheless, there is a point where science works into a limit, because we need to put our efforts in both science and natural process, only then it works well. So in many ways, acupressure mat has proven as the best remedy.

Some matter of concern

A manufacturer has strictly forbidden mats to those people who are suffering from big diseases like heart disease. Also, those who are patient of blood pressure conditions, diabetes or other medical concern, they should strictly avoid the use of acupressure in their life. The pregnant women are also forbidden until their neuropathy allows them for these acupressure mats.

It is to be noted that those are patient of epilepsy or whoever are undergoing with treatment anticoagulants should strictly ignore acupressure. Plus those who are tolerating open wounds they should also not employ these products for their convenience. If you are going through some serious health issues do not forget to visit your physician before using an acupressure mat.



For most favorable and weight reducing, the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat’s nail count is topping the list then. Better weight reducing means it is seeking a comfortable acupressure session and reusing non-effecting plastic nails. Also, the pure cotton cover provides cleanliness and allergic free.

Nayoya’s Acupressure Mat is a wonderful competition for other acupressure mats as the main concern of this acupressure is to give 100% snug with its thick foam and rival nail count.

Spoonk’s Acupressure mat has one of best feature that it is long lasting than comparable models. It provides kind of comfort zone which you are searching.

So the above information is enough to give you the status of good acupressure and which are ruling in the market, so it is your take which one you pick.