Sujok Acupressure Points Chart

The Sujok therapy is known as palm and foot represent all the limbs of the human body. In this therapy named Sujok Su means hand and jok mean palm. Sujok Acupressure treatment is one of the safe and results from oriented therapy for any pain and disorder of the human body.

As to mention about this therapy, everyone can with ease and simple way do the Sujok treatment for them by their own also as it is very simple to understand and perform. As all know that hands and feet of the human body are the main points to locate the active points connected with all major organs of human body and by a stimulus of these pressure points you may generate a health-giving effect to your body.

The main benefit of the Sujok therapy is that you may with the help of the Sujok therapy you may remove any kind of illness from your body and special thing about this treatment as you don’t need to have any precautions while you are taking the treatment.

Sujok Acupressure Points Chart

As the treatment is done by using the related organ in our body parts, and it works with the natural forces around your body it is one of the natural and very safe treatments to get cure from any pain. This treatment is considered as the universal treatment to get relief from the pain.

Today the life of our generation has become more complex as the stress become the part of the life of everyone weather has any kind of different stress in their life. In this fast growing generation, nobody has time for them, and if they get any illness, then they suddenly move to take medicines to get relief from the pain immediately.

Nobody has real experience of the acupressure theory as the acupressure treatment can give you the natural relief from the pain even though without taking any pills. With the physical force inside our body can tell you a magical relief from the pain but many of the people are not aware of this truth. For long lasting effect, you may repeat use of this treatment on your body to get the definitive relief.

With the help of the Sujok treatment, you can identify your problem and with the gentle and proper pressure on the key points, you may get relief from the pain. In the right direction using the Sujok treatment, you may get a cure from the problem. With the help of the Sujok therapy you may get relief from BP, headache, bronchitis, asthma, acidity, sore, constipation, migraine, vertigo, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, disc prolapsed, complications due, to chemotherapy, menopause, excessive bleeding and many other problems.

Such therapy is even more effective on problems like anxiety, depression, anger, fear and worries as it will provide the big relief from the natural treatment of this treatment to the patient. Instead of the pills and tablets, you may apply this treatment and get a lasting result from your problem or pain.

One of the well-known characteristics of the human body is the reality of a convinced correspondence system between the entire body and some organs. By the way of this system, the whole system leads and represents the many elements in the body. With proper communication between them works the smooth system for the body parts and when one of it gets disturbs it may cause for your pain or disorder of any element.

Sujok Acupressure Points Chart

As mentioned earlier those hand and foot are the main part or element of the body which connects with the many elements of the body. With the proper interaction between the parts may run the entire body system smoothly and does not create any problem for any organ to work. If you want to get relief from any pain by using Sujok therapy, you need to understand the entire pressure point structure of Sujok.

Under the Sujok Acupressure system, you need to learn the entire process and must need to know about the pressure points for which pain you need to apply pressure in which part of the body is the most important and basic thing. On the basis of the proper key points pressure treatment, you may have the miraculous result from the pain.

Sujok Acupressure Points Chart

There has been charts and many guidance books with images of such effective points of the Sujok therapy has been available and by the proper learning and let know about those important pressure points you may have the best Sujok treatment training so that you may apply that on you or even on another person who is suffering from any problem or disorder in body.