Acupressure Points To Relieve Asthma

Acupressure Points To Relieve Asthma

Acupressure is an ancient healing technique which was used in China about 2000 years ago. It is a technique in which fingers are used to press key healing points on different parts of the body. When we press these healing points, the natural curative abilities of the body get stimulated. Acupressure releases tension increases circulation and boosts the immune system.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diseases occur when the flow of energy or blood supply blocks in certain parts of the body. When we press these points energy flow is restored and the body starts healing.

Acupressure is very much like acupuncture but it is better than acupuncture because no needles are required in and it is not painful. It is a type of self-treatment.

Use of Acupressure in Asthma:

Asthma is a lung disease in which a person suffers from breathing problems. This disease can be painful and fatal also. In winter, asthma patients suffer much more. Regular intake of medicines is necessary to cure disease. Acupressure can be used along with medicines to improve the condition of the patient as well as to quicken the healing process.

There are eleven points along the lung meridian, all on the arms and hands. Prolonged pressure should be applied for three minutes on each of the acupressure points. Begin lightly and then press more deeply as your body allows. There should be no pain but tenderness is expected.

Acupressure does not cause any side effects and the various researches claim that asthmatic patients had a twenty percent increase in their vital lung capacity immediately after receiving acupressure for twenty minutes.

For applying pressure on the acupoints, the longest and strongest finger should be used. Each point may feel differently when pressure is applied. Some point will feel tension while others may ache. When pressing the acupoints, pain should not be unbearable. If the pain increases reduce the pressure applied at the point.

Sometimes this happens that when we apply acupressure, the pain starts occurring at different parts of the body. This is a sign that those areas are related and should be treated to release blockages. After t repeated pressure check or feel the pulse at the acupoint. Increase in the pulse rate means that circulation has increased. But if it faints or throbbing hold the point until the pulse balances.

Acupressure Points for Asthma:

The various acupressure points which need to be pressed to cure asthma are given below

Collar Bone Pressure Point: This pressure point is located on the outer side of the chest, three fingers below the collarbone. Press this point with the help of index and middle fingers for about three to four minutes. Regular doing of this acupressure will help in relieving chest congestion, tension, emotional distress, and breathing difficulties.

Index finger Joint Pressure Point: This pressure point is located on the outer side of the index finger and it is diagonal to the base of the thumb. You will find a sore point in this area. Just when you find this point, place your thumb on it and apply sight pressure for about two to three minutes.

Repeat the same on the other hand also. Each of the acupressure exercises should be done on regular basis to recover fully from asthma. Acupressure must not be taken as an alternative to medicines

Shoulder Pressure Point: Shoulder Pressure Point is located one finger width below the tip of the shoulder blade. This pressure point is can be found between the scapula and spine. As you find it, place your index finger and middle finger on this pressure point and rotate slightly.

Do this process for three minutes. You will be able to free yourself from the problems caused by asthma in a few weeks. This also relieves you from sneezing, coughing, severe muscular pains in the neck and shoulder.

Wrist pressure Point: One can find this point on the wrist below the base of the thumb. There is a small groove in this area which is the wrist pressure point. As soon as you find it, place your hand thumb on this pressure point and press the thumb for three to four minutes. Release slowly and find out the same point in the other hand.

Repeat the process of applying pressure on the point. Do this therapy regularly to experience relief from asthma, coughing, congestion and other lung problems.

Ring Finger Joint Pressure Point: This pressure point is located near the ring finger joint. While assessing, one will find a hollow in that area. Move your thumb up and down in this hollow area. At this place, whichever point seems to sore press it for about two minutes. After short massage other hand and repeat the process. Do this regularly to relieve the body from effects and troubles of asthma.

A base of the thumb pressure point: the base of the thumb, there is a fleshy area, which is the pressure point. In this fleshy area, there will be a sore point. You should hold this point for five minutes and apply slight pressure. Repeat the process on the other hand also. This remedy will relieve one from a cough, shallow breathing, and swollen throat.

Throat pressure point: This pressure point is located in the throat under Adam’s apple. As you find it, place your middle or index finger in this point and press it slightly. Keep the position as such for five minutes. To experience comfortable breathing. This process needs to be done regularly can be seen after two or three weeks.

Arm and hand points: There are many pressure points in the arms and hands that can be stimulated. One such point is LU 7 which is located at one finger width from the wrist towards an outer position of the arm. Find out the point and oppress for three minutes. This will help in relieving from sneezing, chills, running nose, and sore throat.

Heavenly palace or LU 3: This point is located in the where shoulder muscles met the biceps. This point is also called LU 3 It is used in the acupressure to relieve coughs, asthma and lung problems. Pressing this acupressure point also helps in treating grief, loss, and emptiness.

Other precautionary measures: Asthma patients must follow precautionary measures to strictly because this disease can be fatal if one shows any carelessness. The patients must not be allowed to smoke. Cigarette smoking is the main cause of severe asthma and rapid attacks of it.

Conclusion: Asthma causes death when the patient is not able to take breathe or due to lack of oxygen. When we press the acupressure points, the flow of oxygen is stimulated in the body. The rapid flow of oxygen to the body prevents death due to asthma. Sometimes during a severe attack of asthma, acupressure gives a lot of relief.

But there are some people who have more than one severe disease. Those who have asthma and other fatal diseases should consult their doctor or good medical practitioner before accessing and pressing acupressure points because this can be harmful to them and can be fatal sometimes.

In this case or in the case of children, acupressure therapy must be used after consulting doctor. You can use Acupressure mats also for more relieve.

However, Acupressure therapy if suits the body is very helpful and effective as it totally wards off the symptoms and troubles related to asthma.