Acupressure point for High Blood Pressure

Are you suffering from High Blood Pressure? Want to get rid of this problem with natural treatment? If your answer is ‘YES’ then you are on the right page at the right time. Here we have provided information about the acupressure therapy with which you can get relief from your High Blood Pressure or Hypertension problem.

Acupressure treatment will allow you to get free from this problem without eating any drugs and tablets. With the help of this acupressure treatment, all the way you can control your blood pressure problem and you can bring back your body system in balance once again.

When your body system not working well and gives you signs about your blood pressure problem then you need to discover that signs. At initial stages, you need to find out and be aware with the system of your body that indicates you about something wrong happening to your body. If you ignore that signs and starts medicines to get rid of such kind of pain then you are ignoring your system indications.

Acupressure point for High Blood Pressure

Keep in mind before you join the acupressure treatment session, if you want to get rid of from high blood pressure pain don’t stop your medical treatment all of sudden. If you are taking any medicines for controlling your pressure problem then without consulting your doctor don’t leave it to take medicines if you are taking it on the regular base. Do acupressure treatment but as far as medicines concerns first contact your doctor about the medicines and your acupressure session to control your blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is very dangerous for any human as it may cause for getting heart disease and/or kidney disease. Due to high blood pressure or hypertension, it may even cause heart attack stroke. This is most dangerous because it doesn’t give any signs or symbols for its pain. Once you caught in high blood pressure problem it will remain generally for a lifetime. But don’t worry you can control your blood pressure problem with this safe and effective natural therapy system.

Acupressure point for High Blood Pressure

Acupressure points are such key points by which you can get relief from the pain from which you are suffering from. All you need to find those effective points so that with proper pressure on those points with your fingers of thumb you can apply this treatment to you. You can do this treatment by your own or you can also do this treatment with the help of any professional person or your friend who have knowledge about such points.

First of all, you need to find out key pressure points for high blood pressure problem. If you are doing this treatment on your own or with some other persons help then it is must need to know about those points first. First, locate those effective points and then by giving needed pressure on those points, you can start your therapy session. There are many key points for the treatment, but you don’t need to put in action all those points. You can use those points from which you can get the maximum relief.

One of the most common and effective key points for control blood pressure is GV 20 and H 9. Talking about GV 20 point, this point is called as Bai Hui. The professionals also suggested this point as the most effective and useful points when you need to get rid off your blood pressure problem or hypertension problem. First, you need to locate this point to start your therapy session so let me inform you about this point.

GV 20 is located at the top of your head right in the center part of the head. You need to image a line within that area, all you can say an imaginary line from which you can find your point for pressure treatment. To find with more ease you need to imagine a line from ear to ear so that you can put a finger in the right place. After finding this point, you need to press with your finger and start to give massage over this point.

After this treatment, you will for sure get relief from the stress or tension as this treatment will refresh and center the spirit and reinforce the memory. You can apply this treatment by pressing this point 15 times in the morning and 15 times in the evening. Apart from high blood pressure control is also useful in treatment to get rid of your headache, vertigo, ringing in the ears, nasal obstruction, difficulty with speech, stress, depression.

H 9 is also one of the effective points for the blood pressure problem. H 9 is located at the starting place of the nail on the little finger of your right or left. You need to give pressure treatment anytime as and when you feel discomfort to your chest. Apart from that KD 1 is also one of the effective points for blood pressure problem. KD 1 point is on the individual of the foot between the second and third toe bone. This point is found below the ball of the foot. You need to apply pressure firmly on this point about a minute for a quick response.