10 Best Wing Chun Dummy – Full Review & Guide

10 Best Wing Chun Dummy – Full Review & Guide

Would you like to take up the arts of Mook Jong? If you do, you need the best Wing Chun dummy to get into shape. To become a professional in the art you need to practice for up to 10,000 hours and best done in the comfort of your home.

By training on a wooden dummy adds time towards reaching your mastery goal. So before you view our top 10 Wing Chun Dummy Reviews here make sure to read the buyers guide as well.

Top 10 Best Martial Arts Dummies Reviews:

1 AugustaPro IRON BODY Dummy

For a professionally made Wing Chun dummy, the AugustaPro stands out for all the right reasons. The arms and legs made of hardwood and the body of iron. This is a traditional IP Man dummy with a 65-inch height and has a six ½-inch diameter.

AugustaPro IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy Mook Yan Jong
AugustaPro IRON BODY Wing Chun Dummy Mook Yan Jong

The arms extend out to 12.6-inches from the body and you can adjust them to be level or staggered. The metal base has a durable design that measures 16-inches by 16-inches and fixed to the ground with large suctions cups. You receive two striking pads included with a satisfaction guarantee. The products made affordable and durable to last you a long time of use. As well if you have any pain you can use Top Best Ice Therapy Machines which we reviewed as well.


  • The body has a height of 65-inches and the diameter is 6-½-inches
  • The arms extend out to 12.6-inches and are made of wood
  • You can adjust the device to a leveled position or spread them out
  • The base measures 16-inches by 16-inches and secures to the floor with suction cups
  • You receive a guarantee with two striking pads included
  • The weight of the products 55.1 pounds and by clicking through here you can even get free shipping included


  • Not that heavy in weight compared to other kung fu dummies
  • The body has an iron structure and the arms and legs are wood
  • You receive two punching bags free
  • Good quality and durable


  • The suction cups adds stability but we recommend you place some 50 lbs dumbbells or sadsacks on the base
  • Does not come with instructions but setting it up is easy.

Are you serious about your martial arts? Buy the AugustaPro IRON Wing Chun dummy and start practicing at home. With the durable iron design and wooden arms and legs, you can easily get your 10,000 hours of exercise in. The device takes up little space and with the durable structure, it will last you a lifetime.

2 Attachmate Martial Arts Trainer

Nothing comes more portable than the Attachmate dummy trainer does. The device assembles easily and you can use it as a punching bag or free standing. The straps adjustable and compatible with a hanging bag or free-standing frame, however, do not work with the Century BOB bag.

Wing Chun Dummy Traine
Wing Chun Dummy Training

The spring action arms connect through the base plates but do not have actual springs in them. For tough workouts, the materials durable and if something happens to be damaged make sure to contact Attachmate for a replacement. There is no need of spending all your money on an expensive one with this attachment in your home. For pain relief and many health benefits, you can use the Best Laser Acupuncture Pens.


  • Attaches to any punching bag or freestanding unit to help hone your skills
  • Has a portable design that fits overhanging bags to give you a spring action when using the arms
  • With the spring arms, it does not physically have a spring in it and you achieve the action with the way you connect to them
  • The entire Wing Chun trainer has a plastic structure with three plastic arms and long straps to attach to anything
  • The upper base plate where the arms slide through fits securely to prevent them from coming through
  • Has a second base plate you use behind the arms to lock everything in place
  • On the side are three slots for the straps to keep it secure in place


  • Designed with Velcro straps to adjust the dummy
  • Works well to practice your block and counter and arm taps
  • Versatile and durable
  • Can attach it to a hanging punchbag
  • Easy to setup


  • Does not work with Century BOB bags.

Do you have limited space at home and want to practice your kung fu skills? The Attachmate trainer is ideal to use in small apartments or limited spaces. You can attach it to your boxing bag or use it with a freestanding frame. The straps adjust for ease of use and it has a durable design. Get your training dummy here today with free shipping.

3 AugustaPro Mook Yan Jong Dummy

For a traditional IP Man Wooden Dummy to buy AugustaPro is here to help. The Winch Chun wooden dummy you can buy in a variety of wood colors. The trainers made of solid wood and do not have any metal or plastic parts.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong
Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong

The body stands 67-inches high and has a diameter of 8-inches. You can adjust the arms to a level or staggered position. Each of the arms you can extend in length to 22-inches. Included is a wooden base to use the unit in any environment. Furthermore, AugustaPro backs the product with a 5-year warranty. You receive extra three striking pads.


  • Made of solid wood and available in different wood shades
  • Has no metal or plastic parts and has a height of 67-inches
  • The body has a diameter of 8-inches
  • You can adjust the arms and extend it to 22-inches
  • The base of the units made of wood
  • When you purchase the wing tsun dummy here, you get a five-year warranty and two striking pads included
  • You receive the product within ten working days


  • Has a freestanding design with stability
  • Has a beautiful finish
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Exceptional warranty
  • You receive extra striking pads


  • No assembly instructions included

The sucker bottom slides around and best to add some extra weight to the base.

Here we have another AugustaPro design for you to take home and practice your kung fu. The martial arts dummy offers you a freestanding design with a stable suction base. With the included striking pads, you do not have to spend extra money to get a pair and it includes a fantastic warranty.

4 AGH Mook Yan Jong IP Man Wooden Dummy

To buy the best Wing Chun dummy you can look at the IP Man from AGH here. With the genuine wood design, it works well for the novice to professional martial arts user. As well you can use Best Sports Headbands for the hand grip. The Elmwood body is laminated and stands 57-inches high with a diameter of 8-inches.

Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Stand
Traditional Ip Man Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Stand

You can adjust the arms to different levels and each arm measures 22-inches in length. The frame stands 63-inches high and has a width of 55-inches. There are three adjustment positions available to move the dummy up or down. Included you receive a five-year warranty with two striking pads.


  • Made of wood and has no metal or plastic parts
  • Comprise laminated Elmwood body
  • The dummy stands 57-inches high and the diameters 8-inches
  • You can adjust the arms to use leveled or staggered
  • Each arm measures 22-inches in length
  • The framework stands 63-inches high and has a 55-inch width
  • There are three positions you can use to adjust the dummy height
  • Five-year warranty and you get two striking pads extra


  • Affordable
  • Receive the frame and two striking pads included
  • Made with laminated wood that will last a while


  • The workmanship is not the best and shows cracks

With Mook Yan Jong dummy from AGH, you get an affordable training device made of wood. Although it is laminated, it has a durable structure.

However, the poor workmanship on the apparatus is not the best and users have noticed minor cracks. However, if you do not have thousands to spend it will make for the best training companion at a reasonable price.

5 Wu De Ton Wooden Dummy

In the Wu De Ton range, you can select your preferred Winch Chun dummy color to fit in with your lifestyle. The training devices come with a framework and include two canvas pads.

WUDETON Traditional Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
WUDETON Traditional Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

The body of the wooden dummy stands 68-inches high and has the same 8-inch diameter found in most of these practice pieces. You can adjust and extend the arms and each one measures 22-inches in length. The frame has a height of 68-inches and a length of 31.5-inches with a width of 55-inches. To use it at the proper height make sure the upper arms at shoulder level.


  • Made of wood and include a framework
  • You receive two canvas pads
  • The body of the dummy stands 68-inches tall
  • The body has a diameter of 8-inches and the arms adjust to different levels and can use it staggered
  • Each arm measures 22-inches in length
  • The frame stands 68-inches high and has a width of 55-inches with a length of 31.5-inches
  • There are three positions available on the frame to adjust the dummy height
  • The base of the unit has suction cups, but best to add extra weight to it for stability
  • Lifetime warranty included on the dummies body


  • Good quality martial arts wooden dummy
  • Helps improve your techniques
  • Reasonable price
  • Include the framework and two strike pads
  • Outstanding warranty


  • Minor cracks noticed and best to wax it up to keep the wood lasting longer.

To help improve your kung fu techniques the Wu De Ton is ideal to use at home. The trainers made with hardwearing wood that is well made and offers you the versatility to extend the arms and height of the dummy.

6 Warriors Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

If you already have a dummy stand at home, but need a brand new martial arts dummy to look at the Warriors model right here. You can use the training device with slat type stands as it already has beam pockets.

Wing chun dummy with modern
Wing Chun dummy with modern

At the bottoms a square hole to fit on a wooden square post. There are three offset upper arms with arm pegs. You can remove and rotate the arms and insert them to use as level upper arms as well. The arm pegs measure 1.5-inches by 1.5-inches on all three available.


  • The kung fu dummies constructed with a none board laminating and glued together and tightened with screws
  • The outer boards made of ash on all the sides
  • The trunks guaranteed against cracks
  • The dummy height is 60-inches and has a 9-inch diameter
  • The product weighs 96 lbs and the spacing between the upper and mid arm is 8.5-inches
  • In the stand, you get four octagon spacer plates with a 3-inch height adjustment
  • You can use it with the Warriors interchangeable stands
  • Pick your two different arm styles here and make the martial arts dummy part of your collection today


  • Made of quality wood
  • Easy to move around
  • Made by hand
  • Two options for arm styles available
  • Durable.

With the Warrior Martial Arts dummy, you get an excellent product that works with any stand. The device has a durable design to withstand abuse.

7 ProForce Training Target

Do you have limited space and need to buy Wing Chun dummy to practice at home? You will be pleased with the ProForce Strong Arm II trainer. The product you use freestanding or attached to a hanging bag.

Pro Force Strong-Arm II Training
Pro Force Strong-Arm II Training

You can use it with the 2XL Wavemaster or Powerline bags. The lightweight design makes it easy for you to move. You can use it to practice escrimas, bos, nunchakus and another weapon strike. For solo training and line drills, the wing tsun dummy is ideal.


  • You can fasten it to a hanging bag or use it freestanding
  • Fits most boxing bags
  • Has a 10.25 lbs design and helps you to practice different weapon techniques
  • Can use it for Wing Chun training
  • Has a 17-inch 10-inch-by-10-inch dimension
  • Has an adjustable hook & loop closure
  • Great for blocking, bobbing, and trapping
  • Available in two colors black and red


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Can use it with your kick bag or freestanding
  • The arms solid
  • Can use it vertical or horizontal


  • Poorly designed as the stitching comes to lose.

For an affordable martial arts training companion, the ProForce target practice is sufficient to use. the design portable and lightweight to move around. Furthermore, it offers you the versatility to use it in a horizontal and vertical position.

8 Wingchunmind Adjustable Frame with Wooden Dummy

Here is another reasonable priced kung fu wooden dummy with a frame from Wingchunmind.

Adjustable Frame Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Brown
Adjustable Frame Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Brown

The trunk has a diameter of 20.5cm and stands 145cm tall. You receive the training dummy with a three-piece unyielding arm and one wooden leg with hardwood trunk. The frames included and you get three extra black pads.


  • You receive a lifetime warranty
  • The wood constructions of Elmwood and does not snap under pressure
  • You can use it free standing and fine-tune the height according to your requirements
  • When purchasing the martial arts dummy here, you get the shipping included
  • The body size is 20.5cm in width and stands elevated at 124cm
  • The arm base has a 6.5cm diameter and a length of 30.5cm
  • You receive the arms, timber leg, the trunk, and frame included


  • Durable
  • Versatile to use
  • Can use it freestanding
  • Easy to bring together even with no instructions
  • Well finished and the trunk is a single piece of wood

For the top IP Man Wooden Dummy, the Wingchunmind is faultless to use at home. You will have it assembled quickly and include all the parts you need.

Included you receive three striking pads to use on the torso of the dummy.

9 JKD Wing Tsun Dummy

Here is another Warrior Martial Art Supply kung fu training device. With the JKD dummy, you can enjoy hours of practice with the solid wood design.

JKD Wooden Dummy
JKD Wooden Dummy

The device is not one of the cheapest out there but is the best investment you will make. You get a lifetime warranty on the trunk against cracks and splits. You mount it to a wall and have four height adjustment settings. You can use it with different stands and you can buy it in six stylish colors.


  • You receive the wooden dummy with a recoil stand included
  • The base offers you three height adjustments of 3-inches
  • There is a rear weight tray to use up to 100 lbs sand or metal weights
  • The free-stand has a height of 4-inches and depth of 36-inches with a width of 36-inches
  • The included dummy has a handmade wood structure with a lifetime warranty on the trunk
  • You can choose your desired color and comprises hardwood Ash and has a Douglas Fir core
  • The height of the dummy is 60 inches by 9-inches in diameter and weighs 80 lbs


  • Quality made
  • Worth every cent
  • Durable
  • Included the dummy and a recoil stand
  • Can use it mounted on the wall or freestanding

No matter what your martial art needs are with the JKD wooden dummy and recoil stand you get value. The designs durable and looks amazing place anywhere.

With the rear weight tray, you can give it extra support and stability. Get your Wing Chun dummy here and start training to become a professional in the arts.

10 Warrior Martial Arts Supplies Wing Chun Octopus Dummy

Here we have the eight-limed Octopus Wing Chun wooden dummy with a stand. For improving your flow you can use all the limbs and for traditional training, you can remove four of the legs.

Wing Chun Octopus Dummy
Wing Chun Octopus Dummy

The middle two arms are placed level and the outside two are staggered. The base measures 36-inches by 36-inches and has four space plates to adjust the height. At the back is a weight tray that easily holds a 20-gallon bin. The height of the stands 4-inches and has a depth of 36-inches with a width of 36-inches.


  • You get a lifetime warranty on the trunk
  • The wall stand has four height adjustments
  • You can use it with different stands
  • You can buy the Octopus in different colors
  • Made from solid wood
  • For your Octopus Martial Arts Dummy and Stand make sure to click through here


  • Great product
  • Durable design
  • Can use it with a wall mount or stand


  • Expensive.

11 Dummymaker Wooden Dummy Plane

The wooden dummy plane you hang on a column or wall and are made with a Walnut color. You can use it in training schools or at home.

Wooden Dummy Plane Walnut Color
Wooden Dummy Plane Walnut Color

The trunk comprises pine and the legs made of Fir tree while the base is constructed of spruce. You receive it assembled and ready to use out of the box.


  • You can hang the wooden dummy plane on the wall or use it on a column
  • Made with a pine trunk and the legs comprise Fir tree
  • The base of the plane is spruce
  • Your receive it fully assembled and ready to use


  • Affordable
  • Takes up little space
  • Can mount it to a wall
  • Durable.

If you have limited space the Dummymaker wooden dummy plane is ideal as it takes up little space when mounted on the wall. The designs durable and you get it at an affordable price right here.

12 PVC Wing Chun Spring Arm Dummy

The PVC model from Warrior Martial Arts Supply has a middle 18-inch spring arm found on the high-line and a 12-inch low-line one. For practicing your bridge contact and train your footwork this one is perfect.

PVC Spring Arm Wing Chun dual sided Dummy
PVC Spring Arm Wing Chun dual sided Dummy

The spring arms allow you to train different movements. The arms constructed of PVC and padded. You can buy it with a free-stand as well and has a compact design. Instead of the traditional weight tray on the back, it has a metal post you can stack weights on. The included Vector stand stands 7-inches high and has a width of 34-inches. Unfortunately, the height of the stands not adjustable. Furthermore, you can have engravings done in red, gold or black on the front of your stand.


  • Made with PVC spring arms and has a dual-sided kung fu dummy with a Vector stand
  • You can fix it to the wall
  • The dummy consists of two arrangements as the arms on the front and backs reversible
  • On the face, you have three cushioned spring arms and the back has one 18-inch arm with a 12-inch one below
  • Include a lifetime warranty


  • Durable
  • Versatile to use
  • Made of PVC
  • Easy to move
  • Has a metal post to stack weights.

Nothing comes close to this PVC kung fu dummy from Warrior Martial Art Supplies. Instead of buying wood that can damage in different environments this one withstand years of abuse. Make sure to check it out here and make it part of your martial art collection.

Wing Chun Dummy Buyers Guide:

There are different types of kung fu dummies available on the market for you to purchase. It is a tall piece of wood furniture you need to mount to the wall or floor. There are important things you need to consider and we are here to help.

How do you plan using your wing Chun dummy?

You have two options one mounts it in a framework or uses it free standing. With a freestanding model, it takes up less space and more practical to use in small areas. Fixed to the floor, it helps to weigh the dummy down and keep it secure in place. When mounted in a frame you can achieve a practical training and will take up more space. You can buy freestanding frames or use one you attach to the wall taking up less space.

Different types of Wing Chun dummies:

The typical kung fu dummy has a hardwood structure that lasts longer and you can hand it down to the family to use. If you plan training hard, a softer wood construction might not work well. Alternatively, you can also find it made with laminate where the woods glued together or they used other methods. Preferably, purchase one made of solid wood. Here is a list of different wing Chun dummies:

  • Compact Mook Jongs – this practice device takes up little space and the arms & legs have a regular size. The body is also shorter.
  • Dummies for Specific Training – Some brands that stand out are the Train Chum Kiu, Train Trapping device, and Train Bil Gee. Then there is the JKD dummy with a narrower neck design. Other designs are the Brue Lee’s JKD dummy with the octopus design.

Another added benefit is that you can even buy one with removable arms to replace with a punching bag.

The Location:

Here you need to think about where you plan to mount a wooden dummy, as it is the same as furniture. If you plan to place it close to a window, it will be in direct sunlight and needs additional treatment to keep it in shape. Consider the environment when buying one. Furthermore, when you practice you need comfort and must be able to move freely around when practicing.

The best way to use the martial arts dummy:

You can buy the kung fu dummy with parallel or uneven wooden arms. The best options depend on you, but we would recommend the parallel model as it helps train both sides.

The Size

Ask your lineage if there is a preferred size, they want you to practice. If there is no favored size, you can even have a vendor make yours fit in with your lifestyle. The wooden dummy measurements can vary from one device to another. When choosing a wall mounted, one you may get the option to lower or raise the dummy a bit and not found in free-standing ones.

The Costs

Yes, we know to buy a Wing Chun dummy is not cheap, but it is an investment. The best is to purchase one made with quality material and a durable design. Consider the following:

  • Wood – there is a big difference in price when choosing a hardwood to softwood. Hardwood can take abuse and best to pick one made of ash or oak.
  • Wood Laminate – this is only plywood also known as laminate where the wood pieces glued together. They cost less but with time, it cannot withstand abuse and splits.
  • Compact Kung Fu Dummy – here the manufacturer makes a wooden dummy with regular sized arms, but the complete products smaller and uses less wood and affordable.
  • PVC Dummies – these type of martial arts dummies cost less as the body has a PVC structure and the arms comprise wood.

Final Thoughts

Why spend thousands of dollars to keep practicing your martial arts at the studio to achieve your 10,000 hours. Spend your cash on the top 10 Wing Chun Dummies Reviewed here. You can find a durable and versatile one to fit into your home. Now you can exercise your kung fu skills in the comfort of your house to become a professional in the arts.