Top 10 best Travel towels 2018 Review & Guides

Top 10 best travel towels 2018 Review & Guides

Whenever going on a field trip or an adventure, packing the most necessary things is of utmost importance. Coming to important items, towels or one such thing which might not seem too much important but are a huge lifesaver in case you take a shower or get wet on a beach or under a waterfall.

The first question that might come to your mind is why not just pick up the ordinary towel lying in the cupboard and carry it with you? Well, the straightforward answer is, they are not meant to be. Household towels are different than travel towels in many ways. While carrying a towel with you on a trip, it is most likely to be crammed in a small confined space in the luggage.

Best Travel Towels Review:

Most households towels are not meant to pack as such. Households towels are big and thick, they require more space and would consume more space. Whereas travel towels are small in size, lightweight and have great folding capabilities and can be crammed in small spaces very easily. They also are highly absorbent and can dry up pretty quickly too.

If you are looking for good travel towels and need a quick review guide on which towels to buy and which do not, here we have compiled a list of top 10 travel towels that you should check out before buying a travel towel for your use.

1. Youphoria Microfiber Travel Towel:

If you are looking for a good quality yet cheap travel towel than Youphoria Microfiber travel towel is the best choice for you. It comes in a pack of three towels of convenient sizes that are 20×40, 28×56, 32×72. You can choose among these three sizes to suit your needs.

Whether you need a small workout towel or a large beach towel or just a lightweight travel towel, this pack of three towels will suit all your needs. You also get to choose amongst multiple different colors ranging from blue, purple, grey, green, black, mint and many more.

These towels are ultra-soft and have the finest blends of microfiber to provide utmost comfort. This unique material makes the towels thin, soft and compact. The material used is super absorbent and can hold up to 5X its weight in water making the most functional microfiber towel for travel packing purposes.

Similarly, the thin cloth helps to dry the towel 10X faster than any other normal terry cloth towels. The special microfiber fabric used in the cloth does not mildew or have odors after use.

The towels come in an individual convenient waterproof carry bag with a snap loop. The hanging loop can be used to carry the towels anywhere easily. Youphoria provides 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product or you receive a damaged product. Overall, if you are looking for a compact travel towel with great features, this could be a great choice.

Youphoria Microfiber Travel Towel
Youphoria Microfiber Travel Towel


  • The highly absorbent material absorbs 10X times its weight.
  • Dries out 5X times faster than terry cloth towels.
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • Ultra soft and smooth cloth provides maximum comfort.
  • Comes with a convenient carry bag and a snap loop.

2. OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels:

OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels are available in three different colors mainly Blue, Grey, and navy. It comes in a pack of three towels of different sizes. The largest size is of 50’’X30’’ and is most suitable for beach, pool, yoga, and pilates.

The second towel is a middle-sized lightweight towel of size 30’’X15’’ and is great for camping, swimming, travel, and shower. The smallest towel is compact head towel which is of the size 15×15’’ and can easily fit inside your gym or trekking bag and can use for drying off the sweat after a workout.

All the towels are super absorbent and antimicrobial. They can absorb up to 3-4 times their weight and dry 10 times faster than their weight. These towels can dry up to 10 times faster than their regular cotton or terry cloth towel counterparts. These towels do not require frequent washing and can easily dry up within 5 minutes when placed under the sun.

All the towels are lightweight and ultra compact. They can easily be folded up to four times smaller than the regular terry cloth towel of the same size. Each towel comes with an attached elastic band that makes folding and hanging super easy, and you also get a thick mesh carrying bag which can be used to store the folded towels.

OlimpiaFit Microfiber towels are extra soft and plush microfiber used in the cloth is super gentle on your face body and skin. Its slip-resistant hypoallergenic surface makes it perfect workout towel. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, or you receive a defective product you will get a full replacement without any questions asked.

OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels
OlimpiaFit Microfiber Towels


  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Super absorbent.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Hypoallergenic material and extra soft on the skin.
  • Lightweight and ultra compact.


  • The material is a bit thin as compared to other towels.

3. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towels:

 Wise Owl Outfitters travel towels come in a variety of color combinations ranging such as Royal Blue, Green, Marine Blue, Orange, Red, purple, etc. These towels are suitable for all kinds of activities such as gym, trekking, adventure trips, camping, hiking, boating, etc. These towels come with convenient snap loops which can be used to carry them around very easily and in a hassle free way.

The material used for these towels is super soft and extra absorbent and dries out very fast too.  If you have sensitive skin and rough towel surfaces give you rashes or itching, then this towel is the perfect option for you. The fast drying capability of the towels makes them perfect if you are going on a trip where you might need to use the towel very often.

You get two different towels in the pack out of wh9ich one is large 12”x12” and the other one is XL 12”x 14” size towel. You also get a free carry bag with these towels to easily carry them around in your luggage. These towels are super compact and can easily fold into tiny sizes for easy portability.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of the towels or receive a faulty product, then the company will provide a full refund with no questions asked policy.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towels
Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towels


  • Huge variety of color options.
  • Free carry bag.
  • Highly Absorbent.
  • Fast drying.


  • Chemical smell that doesn’t go off easily.

4. SecureOMax Microfiber Travel Towel:

SecurOMax Microfiber Travel Towel comes in a small size of 20×40 inches. It comes with a mesh bag for easy portability. Being small in size the towel is ultra-compact and lightweight. It made of microfiber material which makes it super absorbent and fast drying. The soft material used in the towel also has antibacterial properties which makes it suitable for gym and outdoor activities.

The material used in the towel is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide which helps to increase the water absorbing properties of the towel to a great extent. If you need to use the towel regularly and frequently, then this feature can come in handy as fast drying makes the towel ready for the next use.

The microfiber material is a 200GSM suede material which feels soft on the skin. The soft surface of the towel allows the towel to cause no or minimal damage to the skin as compared to other hard surface towels when used on skins.

The mesh bag provided with the towel allows great air ventilation for the towel due to its mesh design increasing the drying speed of the towel. The mesh bag is also very easy to clean and dries quickly in case you need it urgently. As the mesh bag helps in quick drying this towel proves to be the best option for hiking and adventure sports.

SecureOMax Microfiber Travel Towel
SecureOMax Microfiber Travel Towel


  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Super soft.
  • Dries quickly and highly absorbent.
  • Comes with a mesh bag for fast drying and easy transport.


  • Only one towel in the package, unlike its counterparts.

5. BOGI Microfiber Travel sports Towel:

BOGI Microfiber travel towels come in six different colors mainly blue, grey, hot pink, navy blue, orange and purple. You get a pack of 4 different sizes of towels. The 40x80cm towel can use for exercising or as a head towel for wiping off excessive sweat in smaller areas. The medium size towel is of the size 50x100cm and can use for backpacking, travel, camping, swimming, yoga, golf, gym, etc.

The large size towel has a size of 76cmx152cm+40cmx40cm which can use as a bath towel or a beach towel as a sunshade, shawl, blanket for keeping warmth or to cover your sun lounger, deck chair or camping under the beach umbrella. The extra large towel is of the size 81cmx182cm+40cmx40cm which is excellent for the beach blanket, picnic mat, yoga mat or a wall blanket of just as a fashion tablecloth.

All the towels are lightweight and compact. You can carry them anywhere easily as they are space saving without the bulk. They can easily squeeze inside any carry bag without any hassle. The free hand towel 40cmx40cm is of the perfect size and can use while exercising or for simply drying up face/neck/hands. It is also suitable for hair drying, as a cleaning cloth, for wiping dishes or as a neck towel in the gym.

All the towels are ultra-fast drying and ultra absorbent. The microfiber present in the towel can absorb up to 7-8 times the moisture of its weight. The soft material of the towel is gentle on your skin and has good hygroscopicity and is very efficient in removing dirt from the skin. The towels are very easy to wash and do not overbear any mildew or stink even after the wash.

A bonus gift bag and a D ring carabiner provide with the towels. The gift bag comes with a breathable cover which allows the towels to dry even when packed. The snap loop on the gift bag allows to hang your towel bags anywhere you want easily. Overall, if you are looking for an all-rounder travel towels for different purposes with ease of travel and carrying, this is the best choice for you.

BOGI Microfiber Travel sports Towel
BOGI Microfiber Travel sports Towel


  • Lightweight and compact in size.
  • Antibacterial properties present in the towel helps to keep the bad odor and germs away.
  • Quick drying and long service life.

6. RainLeaf Microfiber Travel Towels:

RainLeaf Microfiber Travel towels come in 7 different colors like Army green, Blue, grey, green, orange, purple, rose red. All the towels come with fast drying capabilities and are super absorbent.

This feature allows the repetitive use of the towels within the short period of times. Since all the towels come in different colors, it is very easy to identify and set aside different towels for different purposes separately. The towels come with antibacterial properties which helps to keep them away from mildew and germs. Though it is suggested to wash the towels before its first use.

The remarkably soft suede-like feel of the towel cloth will leave your skin soft and plump without any fear of rashes. All the towels are suitable for many different jobs such as traveling, camping, swimming, gym, etc. They can also use for sports and beach activities.

RainLeaf Microfiber towels are ultra compact and lightweight. They are very easy to carry because of their lightweight and compact structure. As these towels consume very less space while packaging, you can easily fit them into any luggage bags or backpacks without any hassle.

The snap loops present on the towels come in handy when you need to place your towel somewhere for storage or for drying them out. You also get a carry bag with the towels to carry them easily anywhere. If you are unhappy with the towel or receive a defective, you can easily apply for a replacement. You also get a lifetime warranty on these towels.

RainLeaf Microfiber Travel Towels
RainLeaf Microfiber Travel Towels


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Attached snap loops help in easy storage.
  • Free carry bag.
  • Compact and easy to carry.


  • Towel colors may fade after few washes.

7. Arnuwa Microfiber Travel Towel:

Arnuwa Microfiber comes in a mesh bag that helps to reduce the hassle while carrying the towels from one place to another. The towels are available in multiple different colors such as blue, pink, grey, navy blue, black and a combination of two or more colors as well. You can choose the color you like.

The Towels are made up of extra absorbent fabric that is capable of soaking water up to 5X times its own weight/ As much as the towels can soak up fast they can also dry super fast. They can dry up to 10x times faster than normal terry cloth towels.

This allows the repetitive use of the towels within the short period of times. It comes in handy when you need to use the towel frequently such as on a trekking trip on a rainy day where the chances of getting wet regularly, are very high.

The fabric used in the making of the towels is 80% polyester and 20% polyamide which is super soft due to its high thread count and also provides antibacterial properties. This helps to keep the towel odor and mildew free and always fresh.

The microfibers used in the towel cloth is soft and smooth against the skin, this is helpful if you have extra sensitive skin. The towels can use for multiple purposes such as a travel blanket, travel pillow or a sleeping bag liner.

If you face problems while packing stuff for a trip, these towels will fit in any space you provide. Their compact construction helps to squeeze them anywhere in the luggage without any hassle.

Without compromising on the cloth quality, you get a fine blend of big size and compact structure towels which are large enough to be even used as a beach towel and small enough to be squeezed inside a small space.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the towels or just with the whole product, the company provides a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Arnuwa Microfiber Travel Towel
Arnuwa Microfiber Travel Towel


  • Compact size. Can be squeezed into smallest spaces.
  • Super soft material and antibacterial properties help to keep away odor and mildew.
  • Free mesh bag for easy portability.


  • Colors may bleed on the first wash.

8. Spogears Microfiber travel Towels:

The Spogears microfiber towel packs come in a set of 2 microfiber towels. The first towel is of the size 58×30 inches which can use as a shower towel that can be used after taking a shower or after going for a swim. The second towel is of the size 23×14 inches which is smaller than the previous towel and can be used as face/hand towel or to put under your feet. Together they make a perfect set of towels for daily use.

Both the travels are made of ultra-absorbent and dry quickly too. The towel material is ergonomically designed to be super absorbent and dries super fast. This feature helps reusability of the towels frequently when they are to use in a damp or wet environment.

The Spogears compact microfiber towels made out of highest quality, ultra-durable microfiber material that is soft and comfortable on the skin and does not cause any damage to even the most sensitive skin types. The smaller towel can be used as a gym towel and therefore has antimicrobial cloth which ensures that there is no bad odor residing in it after the use.

Spear towels are compact and lightweight and perfectly suitable for camping and adventure trips. Their ergonomic design helps to easily carry the towels in any luggage without consuming much space. Though the towels are large but when folded they occupy minimum space. You can carry these compact towels in your yoga bags or gym bags easily. These towel posses multiple uses such as fitness towel, camp towel, hiking towel, backpack towel, bath towel, golf towel, gym workout towel, exercise towel, etc.

For easy portability and handling, you also get a hanging loop attached to every towel so that you can easily hang your towels for drying them out or just for storage purposes.

Spogears Microfiber travel towels
Spogears Microfiber travel towels


  • Highly absorbent
  • Extremely compact.
  • Antimicrobial cloth material.
  • Hanging loop.

9. Relefree Microfiber Travel Towel:

Relefree Microfiber towels made of 100% Microfiber using the adopted orange petal technique. This uniques design divides the microfiber filament into eight pieces. It can absorb water several times to its weight which is more than 30% of cotton fabric. Being evenly diffused, the cloth dries out very quickly too.

The fibers used in the material of the towels are thinner than silk and are process through a softening process which makes the fibers thin and compact but soft. The microfiber is antibacterial which helps in inhibiting odor and germs. So you need not worry about mold or mildew.

Relefree towels are large enough to double as a bath or beach towel but still, they are highly lightweight as the total weight of the towel is just 0.3 Kg. Due to its compact construction, the towel can easily fit even in small spaces in your luggage.

Relefree towels are multi-use towels and can be used for many activities such as while traveling, camping, sports, showers at campgrounds, beach, pool, after swimming, gym, yoga, etc.

With the Relefree Microfiber towel, you will receive a complimentary Hand/Face towel which bears the size of 24×15 inches and is small and practical. It is perfect to use while exercising or to dry up your face with a pure cleansing towel simply.

Also, you get a free, breathable mesh easy to carry bag and a hanging loop to carry and protect your towel while traveling. The solid construction of the towels will make them last for years without the need for replacements. The corners of the product are strongly crafted and have high strength and flexibility.

If you are looking for an all-rounder travel towel, Relefree Microfiber travel towel can be an excellent option for you.

Relefree Microfiber Travel towel
Relefree Microfiber Travel towel


  • Strengthen Corners.
  • Ultra compact.
  • Super absorbent.


  • Needs to be washed regularly to avoid odor.

10. Wolfyok 2 Pack Microfiber Travel Towel:

Wolfyak Microfiber towel is made of high-quality premium microfiber material with good hygroscopicity and is soft and gentle on the skin. Each of the microfiber towel sets includes XL bath towel and a mini cleaning towel of size 24×16. This 2 in 1 combo comes in an easily package with a mesh carry bag to easily carry your towels wherever you need them.

You can use these towels for multiple purposes such as gym towel, hand/face towel or just as a bath towel. Wolfyok travel towels are designed for quick drying and super absorbent ability, drying faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels. It can also absorb tons of water and promote rapid evaporation.

Wolfyok towels are highly lightweight and compact. The travel towel comes in size 58×30 extra large and can easily fold into a roll of 8×3. The weight is considerably lighter than a cotton towel only 8 oz. lightweight, these towels are very easy to carry and store.

All the towels come with hang loops which make them easier to carry and hang anywhere you want for drying them out. Drying them using hang loops help them to keep clean and away from dirt. Wolfyok offers one year warranty on all the items it sells. Overall if you need a compact and lightweight travel towels, this can be a good choice for you.

Wolfyok 2 Pack Microfiber Travel Towel
Wolfyok 2 Pack Microfiber Travel Towel


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Comes with a hang loop.
  • Fast drying.
  • Super absorbent.


  • Colors fade away quickly.


Travel towels are much different from the regular towels that you will find in any household. Travel towels made of special material which allows them to absorb more and dry faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels. The need for travel towels are for different purposes than the normal towels, and thus they are made in such a fashion.

They are much more compact and lightweight than normal towels. If you are going on a trip and need a lightweight and compact towel for usage, you should buy a travel towel. Above we have compiled a list of top 10 travel towels available on Amazon that you can buy.