Best Meditation Chairs Reviewed

Meditation has become a way of life for many people in today’s age.

Better health, a stronger heart, a more relaxed mind, and a more in-tune body are all possible benefits of good meditation practices.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the top meditation chairs that are available to help get us in the right position to get the most out of our meditation time.

No.ProductWhy Buy?
1.Alexia Meditation Seat CHECK PRICE
  • Best Overall Chair for comfort, durability & look
2.Back Jack Meditation Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Best Quality for the price
3.Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Easiest to fold up, carry and store
4.XL Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Best upright support for entire back
5.bonVIAO Easy III Padded Floor Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Best all-around value
6.Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Adjustable back cushion
7.Seagrass Meditation and Yoga Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Natural look
8.Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Outdoor style
9.Friends of Meditation Rama Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Best furniture piece
10.Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair CHECK PRICE
  • Least recommended based on size and comfort

1. Alexa Meditation Seat

Alexia Meditation Seat and Chair


The Alexa Meditation Seat is a beautifully finished cushion seat explicitly made for holding your body in certain meditation positions so your focus can be where it is needed, on yourself and not on your seating position.

Designed to give you perfect ergonomic support for your lower back column including the Ischial Junction Node, your knees, your instep and your feet.

All that is needed is to sit and allow the seat to hold your body, no need for any distracting muscle tension.

The seat is made from genuine leather, or you can choose a vegan leather version as well.

A metal structure creates the frame inside to keep the correct shape and rigid enough to hold you in the positions required.

Weighing in at about 15 pounds and not overly large means you can store this anywhere pretty easily.

Several colors are available including black, brown, beige, white, red, sky blue, teal, violet, dark grey, dolphin grey, dove grey and a few other colors in fabrics such as canvas, cream, sand and an exciting pattern called calypso.

  • Keeps you in that perfect position
  • Dedicated space for that ideal meditation time
  • Many different colors and styles to choose from
  • Vegan options for those who require them

  • Can look strange for a piece of furniture
  • Can’t be used as a regular seat if needed

Meditation is all about focus, and the Alex Meditation Seat allows you to move your attention from your sitting position to calm and comforting thoughts.

2. Jack Back Meditation and Yoga Chair

Back Jack Meditation Chair for Yoga


Having Back support can be an important factor when looking for a decent meditation chair.

The Jack Back Meditation and Yoga Chair by Friends of Meditation is designed with support for beginners who are not so used to sitting for long periods of time or for older people who may need a little more back support while doing their meditation.

An inner frame keeps the back of the Jack Back Chair upright and sturdy to help prevent fatigue when sitting for long periods of time.

The back is covered in fabric for a clean look to the chair.

The seat cushion is filled with 40 density Feather Foam for comfort and can be lifted from the floor to attach to the back of the chair to become more compact for storage.

A handle on the back of the chair allows for portability, and a locking mechanism is also provided so you can keep your chair in a public locker room and not be worried about it going missing.

  • Designed by Dhyan Unmesh
  • Simple design for function
  • Portable
  • Several colors available
  • Priced attractively
  • 7-year guarantee on the foam

  • Very simple design
  • Floor brace does not fold, only the seat cushion

Proper meditation practices involve a lot of sitting and possibly even sitting for an entire day at specific meditation retreats.

The Jack Back Meditation and Yoga Chair helps keeps your focus on yourself and not your back when you are seated for extended periods of time.

Ensure your meditation time is more comfortable and more relaxing when using the Jack Back Chair.

3. Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair

Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair


A more robust Meditation chair by Friends of Meditation, the Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair comes with a larger backrest and cushion and even an additional cushion than the previous Jack Back Chair.

The Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair can be folded into a compact position for storage and comes with a bag for easy portability.

A durable metal frame is constructed around the back and lower cushion to help keep your body in position during your meditation times.

An additional cushion is included if you need additional back support.

This chair is designed specifically to keep your body upright when in a cross-legged position, and the lower cushion adds elevation to your hips to help prevent fatigue when seated for prolonged periods of time.

This makes meditation at home more comfortable and more relaxing to help encourage your use of Meditation times.

  • Full padded back
  • Additional stitching for style and durability
  • Extra cushion to raise hips and more back support
  • Collapsible
  • Travel bag is included
  • Bulky when collapsed
  • Additional metal frame and lower cushion frame can add weight to make it cumbersome to transport
  • Material is not removable and cannot be machine washed for stains
The Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair is a great portable meditation chair with back support that is perfect for beginners or for seasoned experts who want to keep their posture as close to perfect as possible for more extended meditation sessions.

4. Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair

Large Buddha Chair


The Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair offers the deluxe package when it comes to meditation chairs.

Offering full back support with adjustment and an additional cushion for various seated positions, you won’t need any other chair than this one for complete focus in your meditation sessions.

The Relaxing Buddha Chair comes as three major components. You get the chair itself which has a rigid back structure to help support when in the seated position.

A curved backrest is a part of the set and can be adjusted on the back of the chair to give the perfect lower back support.

A cushioned Zafu is also included for the chair seat so you can elevate your hips that help prevent numbness in certain seated positions such as the lotus or the ardh saddasana.

The seat is extra large measuring 24-inches by 22-inches with a back height of 28 ½ inches meaning the chair is good for people up to 6-foot 2 in full comfort.

The seat is made of 4 inches of 40 density foam which comes with a 7-year warranty meaning you will have years of use out of your Relaxing Buddha Chair.

Once all collapsed the chair can fit easily into its water-resistant bag with handles, and its light weight of 5.2 pounds means it can be carried around with ease.

Three colors are available, black, maroon and blue.

Piping is stitched into all of the edges in a complementary color, and the back insert of the adjustable back piece is also done in a complementary color, so you are not only getting comfort, but you are getting it in style as well.

  • Large chair for full frame individuals
  • Additional cushion for back or to help raise hips
  • Beautiful materials and edge piping make a very nice looking chair
  • Extra colors available
  • 4-inch foam seat with 7-year warranty
  • Folds into a nice convenient square
  • Designed by Dhyan Unmesh
  • Travel bag included
  • Bulky when collapsed
  • 5.2 kg can be heavy for transportation
The Relaxing Buddha has been a highly ranked chair since 2016, and there is no doubt why.

The chair comes with a metal frame for stability and support and is completely collapsible for storage.

Adjustable cushions for your lower back and your hips are also a part of this complete package for a perfect meditation experience.

5. bonVIAO Easy III Padded Floor Chair with Integrated Handle

Padded Floor Meditation Chair


bonVIAO makes many different styles of floor chairs that have many uses such as reading, TV, gaming, seminars, and meditation.

The Easy III Padded Floor Chair has a collapsible back that when extended locks into place between 90 to 100 degrees, making this a perfect meditation chair for proper back support.

The back can be folded flat giving the chair a minimal footprint for easy storage, and the integrated handle means carrying the 6.6-pound chair from location to location is an absolute breeze.

This padded floor chair is made of an easily cleanable stain-resistant synthetic material that can be wiped using a damp sponge.

The cover is zippered and can be removed from the frame if required.

Piping is used on the sides of the chair in a complementary accent cover, and a small piece of same complementary color material is stitched into the head of the backrest giving the chair an eye-catching look that will fit into any room.

The chair itself is a decent size with the lower cushion measuring 18.5 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep, and the backrest is 20.5 inches high to support someone of a decent height.

A combination of upholstery foam, a PE foam and a PU foam all work to conform to your body contours and provide a comfortable seated position.

Everything is designed to hold a body weight up to 220 pounds, so strength was considered in construction and not just good looks.

  • Attractive pricing
  • Simple style
  • Small and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Several colors available
  • Easy to clean material
  • No long-term warranty
  • Simple construction can mean long-term durability may be an issue

bonVIAL provides a decent meditation chair that gives us everything we need for comfort and for posture meaning it can be used for extended periods of time without a lot of mental and physical fatigue.

6. Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair with Rectangle Back Support

Chair with Extra Rectangular Back Support


Friends of Meditation brings us another great folding meditation chair, this one with a rectangle piece for adjustable back support.

The collapsable back locks into place at an upright 90 degrees for proper back posture when seated in any of your usual meditation positions such as cross-legged or lotus position.

There is also a rectangular back support that straps into place and can be adjusted to different heights for perfect lower back support.

The lower seat cushion is made from 40 density foam for perfect hip support and measures a full 20 inches by 18 inches.

Three inches of the foam padding protects your bottom from prolonged exposure to various sitting positions.

Proportions of the chair are good for anyone up to 5 foot 11 inches in height.

Covered in a 100% cotton fabric, the chair is fairly easy to clean if necessary.

The fabric comes in black, brown or green and has lighter color accents and piping stitched in for added strength and style.

A carry bag is included with handles so you can carry your chair if needed or for easy and convenient storage when not in use.

  • Fully collapsible for easy storage and portability
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Designed by industry professional
  • Convenient handle is on the chair to carry it
  • Travel bag is included
  • Back cushion can be adjusted for different heights
  • Back cushion is loose and can be misplaced
  • Metal frame can be heavy for some to carry

It is clear that Friends of Meditation know what they are doing when it comes to Meditation Chairs, and the Relaxing Buddha chair is no exception to this rule.

Easy to use and convenient foldability means this chair is good for meditation camps, satsangs or spiritual gatherings, and even working on your own meditation techniques at home.

7. Seagrass Meditation and Yoga Chair

Chair for Comfortable Meditation


If you want a chair that is decent for Meditation and will also add a certain style to your room or work area, then this is a great option for both scenarios.

The Seagrass chair is constructed using various types of seagrasses for an extremely durable frame that is also very natural in look.

Unpainted it can offer a large variety of tonal variations to its color but can also come stained in various colors depending on the manufacturer.

Once the frame is woven together it can withstand a lot of pressure and yet keep a very unique design look.

The Seagrass Meditation chair is constructed with a lowered section to accommodate your feet when in a seated pose and allows for a comfortable cross-legged seated position.

The curvature of the chair also gives added knee support to enable you to hold your seated positions for longer than if just seated on a chair or on the floor.

Cushions are designed to cover the wide base of the chair that is 31 inches wide.

Cushion covers are made available in either white or flax colors, which both look completely natural with the woven seagrass frame.

  • Stylized piece of furniture can be used in any room
  • Ready to be used when shipped. No set up necessary
  • Renewable natural resources used in manufacturing
  • Can be used as a chair by anyone if not being used for meditation
  • Not portable
  • Not very comfortable as a regular chair for long periods of time

A very stylized chair that is a great accessory for any room and yet remains functional for your meditation sessions to keep mind and body clear and stress-free.

8. Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

Rattan Meditation Chair with Thick Natural Cotton Meditation Cushion Pillow


The Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair is a full-sized meditation chair that can add style to any room and remain functional for our meditation habits.

Rattan is used in the frame construction of this meditation chair.

A full back piece is made to help provide ergonomic support when sitting cross-legged.

The rattan is designed to be as stylish as it is effective with a full round base and the back tapering to a point at the middle to add a little elegance.

The meditation cushion is designed for everyday use, made from a sustainable Kapok filling and a thick natural cotton cover that can be removed and machine washed.

The cushion covers the extra wide base of 34 inches and helps to relieve pressure in the knees, hips, and ankles when sitting cross-legged for any length of time.

The seat height is only 8 inches from the ground giving the chair a low-slung look to it adding to its already stylish look.

Able to hold up to 250 pounds in weight, this chair is good for anyone wanting to learn meditation or for the experienced user wanting to add style to their room.

  • Natural resources used in manufacturing
  • Removable cushion cover is machine washable
  • Unique design for a great look
  • Rattan can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be used as a standard chair if needed
  • Not portable
  • No back cushion, it could be uncomfortable if using as a backrest for a long period of time
  • Backrest is quite short and does not provide support

At times it is just as important to add a sense of style or a certain look to our everyday lives and the Gaiam Meditation Chair does just that.

Looking great in any room or even outside on a patio or in a garden, this chair can also be used every day without fail and will give you everything you need to keep your zen when in the meditation zone.

9. Friends of Meditation Rama Chair

Meditation Rama Chair


Friends of Meditation know that sometimes you want a chair that is always in the same spot or is part of your everyday furniture.

The Rama Chair provides you with both a sense of meditation style and meditation comfort for the best of both worlds.

The Rama Chair is handcrafted from the hardwood, teak and styled into an exquisite looking chair and is a welcome addition to any room or sacred space.

The base of the chair uses a sacral tilt to align your spine at its very base.

Along with the sacral tilt, the chair does feature adjustable lumbar support to create the perfect positions for extended periods of meditation in any of your favorite positions, lotus position, half lotus or just sitting with your feet firmly on the ground.

Using Friends of Meditation’s high-density foam for all their chairs means the chair will keep its shape for many years to come.

A 31-inch wide seat allows you to sit cross-legged for any length of time without experiencing pain or fatigue.

Anyone 6 foot 1 or under should find this a very comfortable chair for meditation.

  • Beautiful piece of furniture for any room
  • No need to set up, always ready to be used
  • Seat tilt to eliminate hip fatigue
  • Provides lower spine support
  • Can be used as a standard low chair if needed
  • Wood frame makes it heavy

Friends of Meditation focus primarily on meditation and their products do speak for themselves.

Comfort, quality, and craftsmanship speak for themselves in their items, and the Rama Chair is no different.

This is a great addition to any personal meditation space.

10. Small Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair

Relaxing Small Meditation Chair


Similar to all of the Friends of Meditation chairs, the Small Relaxing Buddha Meditation Chair has all the same features of their other chairs but comes in a small package for easy portability and storage.

A metal frame in the back means structural rigidity as well as a very stable structure to hold your back in place while seated.

The frame can be folded down to a very small size for portability and weighs only 2 kilos, so there is no problem carrying it in the included storage bag.

The seat is made from the same high-density foam as their other chairs but at a 32 density unlike the 40 density used on some.

Maroon and brown colors are available, and both have Friends of Meditation’s lighter piping stitched into the sides of the chair.

A back height of 20 inches and a seat length of 14.5 inches means the chair can be used by people with a decent size but still collapses into a nice small package.

Thirteen inches across the base gives enough room for your hips and spine to be supported and give room for your feet in the lotus position as well.

  • Very compact chair for easy portability
  • Metal frame for rigidity
  • Fully collapsible
  • Couple of color options
  • Very lightweight
  • Decent price compared to other products in the same category
  • Unsuitable for larger frame individual
  • Seat cushion is lower density and shorter than other chairs by the same manufacturer

Friends of Meditation have a chair for any need or desire in a meditation chair.

The small Relaxing Buddha Meditation chair is perfect for those with a smaller frame or who are needing more space for storage.

This chair does not cut corners in quality or comfort in what is needed for a decent portable meditation chair.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

There are several factors you should consider when you are looking into getting a meditation chair.

Let’s take a look at what some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you invest in a chair that is a perfect fit for you.

Beginner or Experienced

When you are buying a chair, you should consider if you have been doing this for a long time or if you are just beginning your meditation journey.

This will help you decide if you want to go all in with a chair with all the bells and whistles or if you just want to try this out and be sure it is right for you.


If you are using your chair in different locations such as retreats or meditation camps, then you will want to consider the portability of your chair.

Size is important if you have to carry your chair for long distances or transport yourself using methods that are not conducive for a bulky chair.

Not all collapsible chairs are the same.

Frame construction is important when you want to consider a long-term option or something that may wear out in less time than you are considering.

Keep in storage or always out

If you have a meditation room or an area dedicated then you may want to consider a piece of actual furniture, so your chair is always ready for you instead of having to pull out your chair and set it up.

Meditation chairs can be elaborate and ornate pieces of furniture that can add to a room and so should be considered when you are looking for that perfect quiet spot.


As in any shopping situation, it is good to consider budget before going out and getting that chair.

Spending the right amount of money to get the perfect chair for you can be a challenge, but it is important that you spend the right amount to get the most benefit out of the chair you need for your situation.


There are many different meditation chairs on the market today that cater to everyone’s lifestyle and stylistic choices.

Large dedicated room chairs or portable chairs for your yoga class or meditation seminars mean there is a chair specific to your personal needs.

Anyone who is serious to meditation and what is needed to make it a lifestyle should be looking into a quality meditation chair.