Top 10 Best Travel Pillows Reviews – Neck Support for Traveling & Airplane

Going on a journey can be very exciting, packing all the stuff you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey but lack of good sleep can surely leave you unrested and may have a huge effect on your mood.

So a good sleep is absolutely necessary but while traveling you might not get the comfort of your home and the warmth of your bed. Still, you can compensate this by carrying a soft and comfortable pillow along with you.

Best Travel Pillows Reviews
Best Travel Pillows Reviews

Travel pillows are specially designed for such purposes and are small in size to allow easy portability and storage and tend to offer comfort just like the pillows on your bed at home. Buying a new travel pillow can be a tedious task as the market is flooded with tonnes of products that you can choose from.

Best Travel Pillows Reviews:

So to make your work easy and help you choose a better travel pillow here we have compiled a list of top 10 best travel pillows that you can check out.

  1. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow:

Have you ever needed a quick nap while traveling but keep falling off the seat onto someone else’s shoulder? If the answer is yes, BCOZZY chin supporting travel pillow is the best choice for you.

A bcozzy pillow is one of a kind travel pillow that stops your head from falling forward when you wear it. It has a special patented design that wraps around your neck softly and provides firm and natural support to your neck. The support provided by the pillow is extended to the neck, chin, and head which provides utmost comfort without compromising you beautiful sleep.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow
BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

It is most suitable for airplane flights as it is small in size and thus highly portable and easy to carry around with you in flights. The adjustable design of the pillow allows it to be molded and tightened in different sizes as per your requirements. If you have a big neck you can loosen the pillow by twisting it a bit or vice versa. It is best for sleeping when in an upright position without getting a stiff neck.

BCOZZY travel pillow is not only suitable for flights and while traveling but you can also use it as a resting pillow while watching TV or having a good nights sleep at home due to its special design. If you are one of those people who have trouble holding your head up in the straight position while sleeping, then this pillow is the best option for you.

This travel pillow is not only suitable for adults but it is also a great tool for children. It provides a sense of comfort and security to the children wearing it while preventing their chins from falling off to the sideways while in a car ride.

It is made of smooth and soft machine washable cloth which is durable and tough at the same time without compromising the comfort you would expect from a pillow. It comes with a snap on the attachment which you can use to attach it to your backpack or you can just compress it by squeezing it and carry it with you wherever you want.


  • Adjustable size allows easy usage and maximum comfort.
  • Small in size thus highly portable.
  • Made of machine washable cloth.
  • Comes with a Snap-Trap that you can use to attach it to your luggage easily.
  • Prevents head from falling off sideways due to its special design.


  • It might feel hot in summers due to its multiple rounds design.
  • Some people might feel suffocation in early usage due to its wrapping design.

  1. Trtl Pillow:

The Trtl pillow is manufactured by Trtl. The trtl pillow is scientifically proven to be the best sleep support pillow which helps to maintain the perfect posture for your head to rest upon. Trtl Pillow is the best option for those people who travel frequently and spend their most time on journeys while sleeping.

Trtl Pillow
Trtl Pillow

The Trtl pillow is the best option due to its unique design which features a strengthened metal rib which provides support for your neck and head without compromising the comfort. The super soft fleece and foam surrounding the metal rib is stretched all around to create a comforting hammock effect which provides utmost comfort without causing stiffness or pain in the neck or any other body part.

The Trtl pillow is best for long duration flights as it is highly lightweight and weighing only 148 grams and features in a size which is almost half the size of other traditional memory foam pillows which makes it highly portable and easy to carry around. The ergonomic design of this pillow allows easy movement of the neck while providing support to it while sleeping.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from machine-washable cloth.
  • Strengthened ribs provide remarkable support to the head and neck.
  • Flexible and easy to store.


  • Not highly suitable for people with tall necks.

  1. AERIS Travel Pillow:

The Aeris Travel pillow provides excellent neck support due to its highest quality visco-elastic memory foam. The Visco-elastic is a memory foam which is made of temperature sensitive material that moulds to the shape and size of your neck thus providing utmost comfort. The memory foam in this pillow yields slowly when put under compression and provides only little resistance until all the applied weight is distributed evenly over the entire area. When the weight is lifted off the memory foam returns to its original shape.

AERIS Travel Pillow for Restful Sleep on an Airplane
AERIS Travel Pillow for Restful Sleep on an Airplane

If you travel by airplane regularly then Aeris Travel pillow can be a great choice for you. The soft and comfortable material used in the pillow provides maximum comfort to the neck and head and prevents your neck from falling off sideways. The pillow comes with adjustable toggles which help you to adjust the size of the pillow according to your needs and avoid choking.

The Aeris travel pillow comes with a complete airplane kit which includes extra eye mask and earplugs for a interference and disturbance-free peaceful sleep. You can also use the velcro straps on the pillow to attach it to your backpack and suitcase for easy carrying. The foam used in the pillow helps to reduce tiredness by increasing the blood circulation and eliminating the muscle tension thus helping you to get a good sleep.

You also get a portable bag with the Aeris memory foam which can be used to carry it around. The cover provided with the pillow is machine washable and durable cloth.

You get a lifetime warranty on the pillow along with a free replacement guarantee.


  • Machine washable cloth.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Small in size and portable.
  • Memory foam.


  • Might become a little bit uncomfortable in the summer season.

  1. Purely soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow:

The purely soft neck pillow is a scientifically designed neck pillow that can be used while traveling by bus, train, airplane or even while watching TV or reading books in bed as a neck and backrest pillowIt comes with a raised neck support which helps to keep your head upright and maintain proper neck alignment.

Purely soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow
Purely soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Pillow

The support level on the cushion is adjustable as per your preference and can be adjusted within seconds without even removing the pillow from your neck. It comes with a machine washable cover that can be removed easily by unzipping the zipper present on the outer side of the pillow.

The cloth used in the pillow is scratch resistant and luxuriously soft and is made of velvet to provide utmost comfort. This inflatable pillow comes with a sealed air valve to protect the air from loosing out of the valve. You can also adjust the amount of inflation by removing the required amount of air from the pillow.

The pillow comes with a carry around case made out of velvet which can be used to carry the pillow with you wherever you want.


  • Automatically inflatable pillow with velvet covers.
  • Adjustable size and stiffness.
  • Machine washable material.
  • Small and portable.
  • Inbuilt pump for easy air filling.


  • Air might leak out when kept unused for multiple days.

  1. J-Pillow Travel Pillow:

The J-pillow travel pillow is designed to offer maximum comfort and support to your neck and body while sleeping. It has a J shaped structure which provides support to your neck and chin while sleeping. It is most suitable for having naps while traveling in cars, trains, and airplanes. The J-pillow, due to its unique structure completely covers your chin and the side part of the face preventing the head from falling off in other directions.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow
J-Pillow Travel Pillow

The neck portion is also supported by the pillow which fills the gap and provides a surface for the chin to rely upon. The J-pillow is not only suitable for use during traveling but can also be used while sleeping on the couch or bed. The pillow is equipped with a snap-loop fastener which can be used to attach the pillow to your bags and carry around easily.

The pillow can also be compressed and transformed in different shapes to easily store it in your luggage bags. J-Pillow is made of highly durable machine washable cloth which can be easily washed and cleaned.


  • Machine washable cloth allows easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Snap-loop fastener allows easy portability.
  • Special J shape of the pillow allows providing better support and comfort to the head and chin.


  • Bulky size.
  • If you wear headphones while sleeping you won’t be able to use the pillow properly.

  1. Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow:

The Travelrest travel pillow features a unique shape that resembles an extended comma shape that goes around your chest to provide a comfortable experience. The back portion of the pillow goes behind your back and the remaining portion of the pillow covers the chest while providing support for the neck and the head. It is suitable for use while traveling as well as while at home.

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow
Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

The special design of the pillow provides support for the head and chin while providing lateral support to the whole body thus ensuring that you sleep in a proper posture. This greatly helps to reduce the chances of getting a stiff neck or body. The cushion size of the pillow is adjustable and can be inflated according to the requirements.

Also, you can reduce the size of the pillow by this method and easily store it in your luggage while occupying minimum space.  The comma like the design of the pillow allows it to be used in multiple ways as per your choice. It can also be used as a pillow while curving it over the seat’s headrests of your car or the seats of an airplane.


  • It special extended design makes it a good option for people with chronic body pains.
  • Adjustable size makes it easy to store and carry it around with you.
  • Its uniques shape allows it to be used in more than one ways.


  • You need to pump air in it in order to use it every time you need to use it which is very time-consuming.

  1. Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow:

Travelmate memory foam is an affordable yet highly comfortable neck pillow that can be used while traveling and also when at home. It is made of memory foam which provides utmost comfort and support to the neck and head and helps to maintain a proper posture while sleeping to avoid neck or body stiffening.

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow
Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow

The special U design of the pillow helps to contour the neck and head and adjust according to the structure of the body to give a comfortable experience. The pillow comes in a dark blue color and it comes with a adjustable thickness. The thickness of the pillow can be adjusted by using the built-in removable insert that you can use to adjust the thickness of the pillow as per your requirements.

The pillow comes with a memory foam which returns to its original position once you stop using it. This feature helps to maintain the soft and comfortable plump in the pillow. It is covered with a velour cover that can be easily removed by using the zipper. The cover is machine washable and is made of durable cloth material. You also get a built-in elastic strap with it that you can use to attach the pillow to your luggage and carry around with you easily.


  • Removable machine washable cloth.
  • Adjustable thickness helps to provide maximum comfort.
  • In-built elastic strap for easy carrying.
  • Memory foam helps to provide maximum comfort.


  • The pillow can get hot when used for longer times due to its nonbreathable materials.

  1. Everlasting comfort Travel Pillow:

The Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow is made from 100% pure memory foam with no additives. The Pillow comes with an ultra plush velour cover and also features an easy to use a zipper that you can use to remove the cover. The cover is made from machine-washable cloth and thus is very easy to clean.

Everlasting comfort Travel Pillow
Everlasting comfort Travel Pillow

This pillow features an ergonomic raised lobe design which contours on both the sides of the head allowing your neck to lean comfortably against the soft and comfortable memory foam cushion. Everlasting comfort pillow is ideal for usage in planes and even at home while sleeping. It helps to maintain a proper body posture.

If you are used to listening to music while sleeping, the unique cell phone pocket in the pillow will surely come in handy for you. You can rest comfortably and listen to your favorite tunes with a small elastic pocket that fits all cell phones, phones, iPods and other accessories. The pocket on the airplane pillow also fits the accompanying earplugs and eye mask.

The Everlasting Comfort travel pillow is a lightweight and portable pillow which can be carried anywhere you want with you.

You get a lifetime replacement guarantee with the pillow in case you need to get the pillow replaced for any reason.


  • Comes with a cell phone pocket.
  • Easily washable cover.
  • Small size and highly portable.


  • A little bit heavy in weight.

  1. Cabeau Evolution Memory foam travel pillow:

Cabeau Evolution Memory foam travel pillow comes with a patented design that is constructed with high-quality memory foam that supports your neck without causing any pain and discomfort. Cabeau memory foam pillow is the best option for those people whose heads tend to fall sideways while sleeping. Cabeau pillow adjusts itself for the perfect 360-degree support whether your head leans left, right or tend to fall forward.

Cabeau Evolution Memory foam travel pillow
Cabeau Evolution Memory foam travel pillow

This pillow comes with a flattened rear cushion which is perfect for air travel. It also offers great comfort and stability while traveling in a car or while even at home. The Cabeau pillow is made out of high-quality soft velour and comes with a removable and machine washable cover that makes the cleaning process much easier.

It also comes with a storage bag which you can use to store and carry the pillow with you wherever you want. If you are unhappy with the Cabeau pillow you can also claim the money back guarantee to get your money back without any questions asked.


  • Machine washable cover.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Small and portable.
  • 360-degree adjustable cushion to prevent the head from falling sideways while sleeping.


  • No sling provided to attach the pillow to your luggage.

  1. Cloudz Microbead Travel Pillow:

The Cloudz microbead travel pillow is filled with premium quality Comforlite Microbeads. These super small polystyrene beads give you the relaxing support you need while sleeping. The beads are soft and strong enough at the same time not to be crushed by extreme weight unlike many of the other bead-based pillows out there in the market.

Cloudz Microbead Travel Pillow
Cloudz Microbead Travel Pillow

The Cloudz pillow has a dual side layer which offers two-in-one comfort where one side is filled with super soft and cozy plush foam and the other side contains relaxing spandex. The two side feature helps a lot while you are traveling as you can always switch between the sides whenever you want.

The pillow comes with a snap closure which you can use to secure the pillow around your neck to help prevent your head from falling forwards so that you can get a peaceful sleep. The snap closure can also be used to attach the pillow to your luggage or backpack.

The pillow can also double as a lumbar support. It is super soft and versatile and can also be used as a massage table pillow by just placing it frontwards. All you have to do is close the snap and rest your face into the pillow. The slot in the pillow provides good ventilation for breathing and can be used for longer periods of time.

Overall the Cloudz pillow offers a great deal for people who want a peaceful sleep even when traveling.


  • Microbeads offer great comfort and stability.
  • Dual side pillow provides more peaceful experience.
  • Snap closure can be used to prevent the pillow from falling off your head and can also be used to carry the pillow with you easily.


  • Non-removable pillow cover.


When traveling, getting a good sleep can be a very difficult task as you don’t get to experience the comforts of your home and bed. Though you can never get the same experience as you would get in your home but have a good travel pillow with you while traveling can surely make your experience a lot pleasurable.

Travel pillows are not only specially designed for sleeping while traveling but they also make sure that you get the maximum comfort and stability. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 travel pillows that will surely help you to choose the best travel pillow.