Acupressure Points For Diabetes

It is a known fact that diabetes cannot be cured completely, though it can be controlled to a certain level. One has to take medicines for the whole life. Even then diabetes causes sudden attacks and death. Acupressure can be helpful as it can be used during a severe attack. Acupressure is very effective in diabetes. Acupressure is a Chinese therapy which has been used in China since ancient times to cure diseases. Acupressure is useful for almost all diseases.

Acupressure is better than acupuncture because the former does not involve inserting of needles in the body. Patients who have used this mode of treatment feel better as acupressure therapy reduces the level of sugar in their blood. Acupressure therapy must be followed by diabetic patients regularly along with taking medicines and restricted diet.

Main symptoms of diabetes
Main symptoms of diabetes

Acupressure treatment involves exerting pressure on some points of the body meant for a particular disease. Fingertips are used to press these specific points. According to Chinese doctors of Acupressure, diseases occur when there is blockage if energy at certain points on the body. As we press these points, these points in the body get stimulated regulating the flow of energy or blood through these points which results in the healing of diseases.

Acupressure points for diabetes:

Acupressure point 1:

This acupressure point is located at the inner part of the lower legs, at the back side of the shin bones and four fingers above the ankle bones. A mild pressure can be put by pressing the point or massaging the point. Do this for three minutes every day on both the legs. This acupressure therapy is very effective in controlling diabetes.

Acupressure point 2:

The position of this point is along the line between the second toe and big toe. It lies at three finger width from the edge. As you locate this point, stimulate it by pressing it gently or massage by making slow circular anti-clockwise movements. This can be done for three minutes every day on each foot.

This therapy is recommended for eight to ten weeks duration for getting complete relief from the deadly disease of diabetes. This therapy helps in unblocking the suppressed emotions especially anger and reduces depression. This helps the patient to relax and also reduces stress.

Thus, the acupressure on this point helps in controlling diabetes, as stress is one of the reasons that cause an increase in blood sugar levels in the body.  However, do not practice acupressure on this point, if you are feeling weak and fatigued.

Acupressure point 3:

This acupressure point is present on the inner side of the foot, between the side of the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. The technique used in this case is to stimulate the point pressing gently or massaging the point in circular movements in the clockwise direction.

This can be practiced for three minutes daily for the duration of 8-10 weeks. This helps in strengthening of the immune system of the person and protects diabetic patients for infections.

Acupressure point 4:

This point is situated on the front part of the lower leg and eight fingers above external malleolus. Mild pressure should be applied at this point or gently massage in a clockwise direction. This should be done for three minutes on each ankle. This therapy should be followed on an everyday basis for the 8-10 weeks. Acupressure on this point helps in cleansing the body by throwing out the unwanted secretions and toxins.

Acupressure point 5:

This acupressure point is located at the web between thumb and Index finger. As you locate this point, press gently with the thumb and finger of the other hand. Press the point for three minutes on an everyday basis to get the positive results. Repeat the process on the other hand also. This therapy is helpful in treating certain symptoms related to diabetes.

Kidney Meridian or KD-3:

This acupressure point is located in depression midway between the tip of the medial malleolus and Achilles tendon. As you locate this point, press it with thumb for three minutes. Repeat the process on the other leg also.

This acupressure therapy is beneficial in treating chronic sore throat, empty heat, dizziness, tinnitus and headaches and frequent urination which is a common symptom of diabetes. This remedy is also good for back pain. Follow this therapy everyday to get the good results.

Acupressure point on hand:

This acupressure point lies at the center of palm in the depression. As you locate this point, press gently with your finger for three minutes. Repeat the process on the other hand also. Do this remedy on an everyday basis for complete cure of the disease. This therapy is very effective in improving the condition of the patient.

8. Acupressure point on the corner of hand:

This acupressure point is located on the horizontal end point from the center of the palm. As you locate this point in your hand, press it gently for three minutes on an everyday basis to cure the disease rapidly. Also, repeat the process on the other hand. This acupressure therapy is effective in curing many symptoms related to diabetes.

Stomach 36(ST 36):

This acupressure point is located at four fingers distance below the belly button. This is the 36th point on the stomach meridian. AS you locate this point, press it for three minutes. It balances the digestive power of the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes begins with an increase of stomach fire. So this point can prevent diabetes. It can also prevent ageing and weakness for which it is commonly used in China. This therapy is also effective in arthritis.

As a precautionary measure, do not follow this therapy just after taking food because that can make you sick.

Acupressure point on foot:

This acupressure point is located on the upper part of the foot between the Toe and the first finger. This point lies at one finger width from the place where toe and finger meet. As you locate this point, press on both the feet with fingers. This remedy is very effective in controlling symptoms of diabetes. Press this point for two minutes everyday to get better results.

Kidney 1(KD1):

This point is located below the foot at the center of the sole. This point is  effective for the elderly. As we grow old problems like kidneys become weak along with organs related to diabetes. According to TCM, pressing this point, makes pancreas strong along with kidneys

Spleen 6(SP 6):

Massaging this point improves digestion and relieves the feeling of distention after having food which many people experience. It nourishes the spleen and increases blood production. It relieves feeling heaviness and tiredness and good for diabetes.

Conclusion: Using acupressure therapy in the treatment of diabetes is quite safe and no cases of any complications have been reported so far. Acupressure therapy can be practiced by the patient himself after taking proper training.

However vigorous and rapid acupressure can cause redness and bruising of the skin in patients having sensitive skin. The places having any recent injury must not be pressed as they can cause further injury and wounds.

Diabetic patients can control their blood sugar levels, if they follow dietary precautions like taking tea without sugar, avoiding sugar completely along with rice, potatoes, regular exercise and daily walking.

Intake of medicines on daily basis is very necessary along with doing acupressure therapy. Patients having more than one chronic disease must consult their doctor before starting acupressure therapy.


  1. Acupressure is an alternative treatment to cure various diseases. There are hundreds of acupressure points in our body. By Putting physical pressure on the right acupressure points, one can not only relieve the stress and tension but can also get rid of various diseases including the rampant diabetes. Acupressure is helpful for both the pre-diabetics and the diabetics. Acupressure along with healthy diet and herbal diabetes management medicines can help.

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