Foot Reflexology Chart

Foot Reflexology is an application or process of doing or applying proper pressure to the specific points or areas on the feet, hands or ears so that it can be helpful to release the pain and give relaxation. There are certain areas or points in our body which connected with our body organs and systems and by applying on such parts you may have pain relief in certain case of pain related to that. As well you can choose Acupuncture penAcupressure mats or Acupressure Slippers.

Foot Reflexology Chart

With the help of the thumb or fingers when reflexology practitioner applies pressure to the specific points it will affect the bladder functioning. Foot Reflexology is a particular Acupressure therapy developed in America to regulate the impervious system and blood circulation in the human body.

Foot Reflexology Chart
Foot Reflexology Chart

Generally, Reflexology is divided into four parts i.e. Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, Face Reflexology and Ear Reflexology, which apply various steps and process to make relief from such pains. Here we are going to talk about the method of the Foot Reflexology and entire its process so that all can come to know about the Foot Reflexology method and they can also use if they are suffering from certain pain.

To understand about Foot Reflexology method, there is a chart given about this process so all you need to understand the Foot Reflexology Chart, which can guide you well about the entire process.

Foot Reflexology Chart

  • Foot Reflexology Sole Chart
  • Foot Reflexology Outside Chart
  • Foot Reflexology Inside Chart
  • Foot Reflexology Toes Chart

Before you start the foot reflexology, you all need to understand first of all necessary area of the foot reflexology. There are certain areas and points where you need to apply pressure to get relief from specific pain.

Only after knowing the basic area of foot reflexology you may able to do foot reflexology task in the proper manner otherwise it will be harmful to you. In the foot reflexology, you need to understand that right side of your foot related to the right side of your body and left the side of your foot concerned to the left side of your body.

The toes of your foot point out Head and Neck that means when you are massage on toes that means you are working with your Head and Neck. The point inside of your both feet connected with the spine and the dark area below your Toes is related to Chest.

The thinnest separation of your foot indicates the waistline. The bottom of your foot is Pelvic Area, and as we know that stomach located on the left side of our body, so the reflexology point of stomach found on the left side of the foot.

Foot pressure points chart

Foot Reflexology Sole Chart is very easy and straightforward for any to understand. No matter even if you are doing the reflexology for the first time it will guide you through the entire its instructions and with the relief points in details.

The sole chart is very simple and gives the clear instructions about the exact organ of the body and where you can apply to give pressure to release the pain or tension of that organ by massaging in that area on the foot.

Foot Reflexology Outside Chart is very helpful to know about the various parts of the body located on outside of our foot. The foot reflexology outside analysis of the chart is very helpful to know about the reflexology treatment about such specific organ of our body like the lymphatic system, knee, sciatica, nerve, elbow, shoulder, chest etc are listed on the foot reflexology outside charts.

For example, if you have any problem-related elbow then in outside chart of foot reflexology you may find out the region and apply the necessary massage therapy to relieve your pain. The points show the specific areas for specific body organ so follow the chart and apply it gently for your tension or pain areas.

Foot Reflexology Inside Chart is cover with the many vital reflexology points of the human body. In this Inside chart of the foot, Reflexology Lymphatic System, Groin Area, Sciatic Nerve, Bladder, Spine, etc. related points are considered. If you have any tension related to these parts of your body then you can put pressure on the mentioned areas on your foot to relief your pain.

Suppose you have any problem with your chest part then under foot reflexology inside chart you may find the chest area and by giving gentle pressure in this field so that you may get relief.

Foot Reflexology Toes Chart is full of meridians on Toes. The meridian points are found in your Toes of your foot and it is generally located on Big Toe, second Toe, Fourth and last Toe of your foot.

This chart includes the tension areas like Bladder, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Liver and Spleen. After knowing the meridian areas well, you may release the tension by applying the gentle pressure in such region.

Chinese foot reflexology chart

Here above the entire information and chart system are only provided for the purpose of providing proper guidance to all people who are suffering from the pain of such body parts so they can have good information before they may do the reflexology process. Without doctors advice, no one is advised to do the reflexology method. Otherwise, it will harm you a lot.

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