Acupressure to Induce Labor

Acupressure to Induce Labor

Hey, all pregnant lady here we have an important article for the labor pain relief method via acupressure therapy. When you are in labor pain, you can get relief from the pain with the help of some effective acupressure therapy which can be effective. You will not believe, but such acupressure points on which if you work during your labor pain you will for sure get quick relief as per the experts have mentioned here.

If we look back to 5000 years ago, it was only the acupressure technique that can be used to get relief of pain for a lady in laboring. Well, as we are in now modern generation science and medicine have developed so are using now modern medical techniques. As the culture has developed, we people have accepted and applied all the way this modern system.

Acupressure to Induce Labor

However, as per claimed by the acupressure techniques experts, they promise you for the big and quick relief from the pain with the help of the therapy when a lady in labor pain. As the acupressure method works on the basis of the key pressure points on which therapist give pressure by thumbs or fingers. By knowing all important pressure points, you may all the way get knowledge about labor pain relief by using acupressure treatment.

  • Spleen 6 Point
  • Pericardium 8 Point
  • Bladder 32 Point
  • Bladder 67 Point
  • Large Intestine 4 Point
  • Kidney 1 Point
  • Gallbladder 21 Point
  • Liver 3 Point
  • Bladder 60 Point

Let me introduce with the basic of the acupressure method for Acupressure to Induce Labor. The acupressure technique is an application of giving pressure on to specific points of the human body. With the help of the fingers and thumbs along with some useful objects, you can easily do this treatment.

However, one must be careful about the specific points for a particular pain. One must have knowledge bout the key pressure point for the pain from a sufferer is suffering from. In the wrong manner apply this technique will not give you relief from pain so one must learn first.

Human body organ connected with twelve unseen lines called meridians across the body. The meridians exist in pairs, and each pair is in contact with a particular organ. With the help of the proper acupressure treatment, you can give pain relief and calm the labor pain to a pregnant lady. There are several points that can be useful to apply to a lady while labor pain.

Large Intestine 4, Lower Back Points, Kidney 1, Urinary Bladder 60, Spleen 6 and other useful pressure points which are very helpful to get relief from labor pain. The Large Intestine 4 is one of the immense pressure points to get relief from labor pain as a woman can press this point by herself. When labor pain starts in the beginning, this pressure point is helpful to get relief from pain. This point is very effective when a woman begins to get the recommend on push.

Lower Back Points are experiencing back labor or in the center of the powerful tightening as a oppose pressure. Such points found in the back area and can be individualized to the laboring lady at where she feels the best for her. It depends on every lady at where she feels comfort by pressing points, so the support person needs to know that first.

Kidney 1 point is also very helpful to gets release the labor pain. This pressure point situated in the center of the sole. By pressing on this pressure point, it drags the energy down and naturally useful during the alteration period of labor.

Well, with the help of this pressure point one can get relief from stress and anxiety also. With the aid of this point, you may feel calm yourself with proper pressure. Sea bands are the most effective tool to use for the effective pressure on you to get relief from labor pain.

Urinary Bladder 60 point is useful to increase circulation, and it will help to get pain relief in the body. Most of the women find this treatment very useful during the midway time of the labor. As this is the very effective pressure point, it should be considered with priority.

Acupressure to Induce Labor points Spleen 6 is another key pressure point that can be useful for the stalling labor pain of a woman. This point is situated on the central calf about four fingers width up by the side of the tibial bone. You will have gentle dot there, you need to find that point and need to apply pressure to it. To get relief from the pain, you need to implement this point along with Large Intestine 4 point to get the better result.

Let the lady give pressure on hand point and the person who support her need to give this pressure point on Spleen 6 point. If this can work together then, it will be the reason for the better relief of labor pain. You need to try all these points and need to see which point will make the most effect on a lady. You do not need to apply all these points but which makes you the better relief use those points to the situation of the labor pain.


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