Acupressure Points to cure Ankle Pain Naturally

Acupressure Points to cure Ankle Pain Naturally

Acupressure is a therapy which is very helpful in reducing pain and treating different ailments. This has been used since ancient times in Japan, China, and India. Acupressure is related to acupuncture but better than it as it does not involve inserting needles into the body. Acupressure has been derived from the Japanese word called Shiatsu. ‘Shiatsu’ means pressing or pressuring on finger’.

In this technique, certain Points of the body considered as the acupressure points are pressed or massaged. When we press these keeling points, the natural curative abilities of the body get stimulated. Acupressure releases tension increases circulation and boosts the immune system.

Acupressure points are located in certain meridians. Meridians are connected with different organs of the body. They are the pathways for the flow Of energy throughout the body. If an organ or a muscle starts dysfunctioning, it passes this information to the related meridian and meridians signal through these acupressure points about the ailment.

During any ailment, when we press acupressure points or massage, the energy flow of the body is restored and the organs or muscles again start functioning properly.

Cure of ankle pain naturally: Acupressure is an old technique which does not involve intake of medicines and it is useful in healing even severe pain. An ankle is the joint which connects foot with la eg. Pain in ankle occurs due to a lot of strain on the feet or due to excess of sitting and standing. It may also occur due to too much walking and fatigue.

Acupressure points for Ankle Pain:

There are many acupressure points related to ankle. When these points are pressed, endorphins are released which help in reducing pain and relaxation Of foot muscles. Ankle pain is sometimes very severe and it takes a lot of time to cure pain even after taking medicines. In this case, acupressure is a very useful therapy. Various useful acupressure points are described below:

1. Hollow acupressure point: This acupressure is located on the inner side of the ankle bone. It is present in the large hollow beside the ankle bone. As you Find out this point, press it with your index finger for about 30 seconds. Then release it again press it for 30 seconds.

Do this therapy for 8 minutes. Take deep Breathe continuously while doing this exercise. This acupressure treatment will help you to relieve ankle sprains, sciatic pain, swelling and other kinds of Ankle joint problems. It also helps to relax from frustration, irritation and provides you ability to make wise and good decisions.

2. Illuminated sea: This acupressure point is located at one thumb width below the inside of the anklebone. As you locate this point, press it with the thumb for Two minutes. Repeat the process on other leg if it is paining. This pressing will help to relieve swollen ankles, stiffness around the ankle and other ankle pains. Do this therapy on every day basis to relieve from pain permanently.

3. Wrist point: Thus pressure point is located in the middle of the wrist line. As you locate this point, place your thumb on it and press it continuously for two Minutes. This acupressure therapy will help in relieving from ankle pain and other ankle problems. This exercise should be done daily to get the better results But make sure that you don’t press it too hard.

Acupressure is very easy therapy and give definite results. Sometimes it is better than taking medication because Acupressure doesn’t bring side effects. Usually, ankle pain is severe and a person suffering from it has to consume a lot of pain killers. Excess of consuming of pain killers is not good for health.

4. High mountains: This acupressure point is located between the outer anklebone and the Achilles tendon. As you find this point, press it for thirty seconds.  Then relax and again press for thirty seconds. Repeat the process continuously for five minutes. This process should be done everyday for best results.

Pressing Will to relax muscles of the ankle. Acupressure remedy increases the flow of blood in your feet. Do the process on the other leg also if that is also paining. This remedy Will reduce pain in foot, thigh and lower back along with the ankle.

5. Calm Sleep: This acupressure point is the first indentation directly below the outer anklebone. This hollow is at one third distance from the outer ankle bone To the bottom of the heels. As you locate this on both legs, press it with thumb and index finger for two minutes. Repeat the process on the other leg also.

This acupressure therapy is very helpful in relieving heel pain, ankle pain, insomnia and general foot pains. This exercise should be done on every day basis to Get relief and controlling pain. Otherwise, the pain will go on rising further. Action has to be taken at the earliest.

6. Bigger Stream: This acupressure point is located in the hollow midway between the protrusion of inside ankle bone and the Achilles tendon which joins the back of the heels. As you locate this point on both the legs, press this with your thumb and finger for two minutes. Repeat the process with other leg also.

This acupressure point is helpful in relieving swollen feet and ankle pain and strengthens ankle joint. Pregnant ladies must not do this remedy and it is not good for them.

7. Wrist Bone: This acupressure point is located on the upper side of the wrist near the prominent bone. As you locate this point, press this point with Your thumb or finger. This point should be pressed for four minutes. Do the same process on the other hand also.  This therapy will help to reduce the Pain in the your ankle and feet.

8. Ankle massage for all points: Place your thumbs on the hollow under the ankle on the inner side of your leg. Press this hollow point continuously for Four to five minutes. Rotate your thumb on the other leg also. This massage will stimulate all the acupressure points in this and will relax your feet Muscles to the maximum.

You should rub gently near the ankle and find sore places. Massaging on these areas provide an instant relief. This Therapy is very helpful in relieving pain from all areas of ankle and lower leg.

9. GB 40: This acupressure point is located in the large hollow directly in front of the outer ankle bone. As you locate this point, press it with your thumb and fingers for five to ten minutes and press gradually form light to firm pressure. Take deep breathe simultaneously on the other leg if you feel pain there also.

This point brings relief from ankle problems, strains, swelling, sciatic pain and improves the health of your ankle joint. This acupressure point also relieves from irritability, frustration and difficulty in making wise decisions.

Conclusion: Ankle pain is severe and difficult to tolerate. It should not be neglected. If left untreated, this pain can increase and also weaken the Bones. Do not try acupressure therapy if you suffer from bone fracture or rupture in the muscle.

In other cases of ankle pain, acupressure is very helpful as it can show better and early signs of cure than medication.