Acupressure Points for Headache Migraine – Acupressure Tips

Acupressure Points for a Headache Migraine – Acupressure Tips:

In today’s competitive work life and hectic schedule, people suffer from a migraine and headache; there are many alternative treatments available. Rather than having the tablets and syrups full of chemicals we would recommend using treatments of acupressure and acupuncture to cure your headache or a migraine.

A headache and Migraine both are very similar condition except the previous one is more painful, a headache can last for hours, but a migraine is a far-reaching condition in which pain in the head may last for days. It is pain caused by inflammation of nerve fibers because of enlargement of blood vessels which results in severe pain.

Acupressure Points for Headache Migraine:

Headaches and other emotional problems are very common in today’s life. Most of the headaches problems are due to the tension and stress of everyday’s life. Mostly they are not curable. The doctor prescribes strong medicines which have many side effects. Acupressure has many curable properties. It can cure many diseases. It does not cost anything. The patient can do it. Acupressure is better than acupuncture because it does not involve inserting of needles into the body.

Various Acupressure Points for Headache Migraine:

Pressure points are a cluster of nerves located at various points on the body which help to regulate blood circulation. There are many diseases in which a headache are the main symptom. Headaches caused anxiety, common cold, and tension occur as a result of stiffness in the neck and face muscles which inhibit blood circulation massaging or passing the acupressure points related to headaches stimulate these points and there is the increase in blood circulation as well as relaxing the tight muscles thus relieving headache.

Causes of a Headache:

There are no precise causes for a headache, but in most cases, it is due to the stress, emotional changes, and tension. Except those, there are certain causes which trigger a headache, below is the list.

Food Habits

This is the prime reason for stress and tension to cause a headache. The food we eat certainly affects the wellbeing of a head, if not taken care seriously it can cause a painful headache. Alcohol, tobacco, fermented food and the excessive amount of caffeine can result into a severe headache.

Hormonal Changes

It is the prime reason in women for a headache, women suffer from headache onset of periods, and the amount of a headache decreases after the menopause.

Other Reason

Other than food habits and hormonal changes there are many reasons which can cause a headache, reasons like irregular sleeping schedules, sleep disorders, lack of sleep, too much work pressure, etc.

Sometimes headache in unbearable and no medicine works for it. During this type of condition, acupressure does a miracle. Some of the important acupressure points for a headache are described below:-

  1. Acupressure Point at the Temple:-

These points are located on either side of the head and about one inch away from eyes. As you locate your temples place your thumbs on them and massage gently by rotating your thumbs in a counter-clockwise direction. Do this remedy for 3 minutes simultaneously on the temples. This is excellent in relaxing and relieves a headache.

This portion of the body sometimes starts paining after the lot of hard work, mental work and due to tension. This part of the body is sensitive, fatigue, weakness, eye problem are the other reasons for pain in the head. This acupressure points can be very helpful if massage is done on an everyday basis.

  1. Acupressure point at neck:-

This acupressure point is exactly located below the base of the skull in the hollows on both sides of the neck between two vertical neck muscles. It is situated on both sides of the neck bone or spinal cord in the neck region. These acupressure points on both sides of the neck are called gates of mind or gates of consciousness.

These are also referred to as GB 20. As you locate these points, place your thumbs or finger on them and massage for 3 minutes, do this therapy one or two times daily for getting cure from a headache.

As we massage these points, the blockage in these acupressure points vanishes and the flow of blood is restored relieving us from a headache, eye pain. When we press or massage acupressure points, they relieve pain by relaxing the body’s natural pain relievers called endorphins. Thus, we get relief from the stiffness of the neck, arthritic pains, and chronic fatigue.

There are many acupressure points for these problems, but GB 20 is one of the most strong points for obtaining relief. This therapy reduces the excess of tension and stress and the headaches due to tension automatically vanished.

This acupressure point’s therapy relieves humanly being from all sorts of common complaints like a headache including a migraine, neck pain, vision, zigzags, ringing in the ear, insomnia, eyestrain, judgmental issue, anxiety, irritability, hypertension, and mental stress.

  1. Valley of Harmony:-

This acupressure point is located in the center of the web between thumb and the index finger on both hands. As you locate this point, apply steady with your opposite thumbs until you feel a slight soreness and hold for 2 minutes.

Report the process in you another hand. As you press the point, it gets stimulated and energy starts flowing from this point. Pains and diseases occur when there is the blockage in the flow of energy or blood at acupressure points. This acupressure therapy brings relief not only from a headache but also strengthens the body.

It is good for the immune system. This is also helpful for cold and flu, cold hands and ulcers. This is very effective in a migraine. Those suffering from heart diseases should not do acupressure therapy recommended for a migraine. Pregnant women are also advised not to follow this therapy.

  1. Third Eye:-

This acupressure point is located directly between the eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. If you locate this point, press with your finger for 2 minutes. As you press this point, it gets stimulated and energy starts flowing from this again. Pressing of acupressure points should be done on the everyday basis to get the positive results.

This acupressure point therapy is helpful in headaches, high fever, indigestion, ulcer pain, eye strain, and this point also balances the pituitary gland. All the acupressure points should be pressed while taking a deep breath. This therapy can be done by the patient himself also with closed eyes in total relaxation.

The acupressure points recommended for the nervous system, the brain and release stiffness in the neck. This therapy also gives inner peace. It makes a person relax, alert, calm and inspired to obtain great achievements for mental tension and pain gives natural happiness and returns joy in the patients.

  1. Facial beauty:-

This acupressure point located at the bottom of the cheekbone below the pupil. As you locate this point on both sides of the face, press this point for 3-4 minutes. Every day following of this therapy recommended for getting active and efficient results. This therapy relieves a headache, eye fatigue, and pressure, nasal and head confection, eye station, and toothache.

  1. Wind Mansion:-

This acupressure point is located in the center of the back of the head in a large hollow under the base of the skull. As you find out this point, press it with your fingers for 3-4 minutes. While pressing. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. You will feel much relaxation.

This therapy can be done as a self-treatment or can be done by someone else on your neck. This acupressure therapy is very helpful in relieving pain in the ears, eyes, nose, and throat. It is also very beneficial for getting relief in a headache, mental problems, vertigo, and stiffness.

  1. Drilling Bamboo:-

This acupressure point is located at below the eyebrows on both sides of the eyes which touch the nose. These points are located on the hollow slightly above the eyes from where tears come out. You locate these points; press them with your thumb for 3-4 minutes. Take deep breathe while pressing.

This acupressure therapy has many benefits. Practicing on a regular basis completely wears off a headache, eye pain relief from mental tension relaxes and smooths minds. It is also very helpful in high fever and sinus pain.

  1. Bigger Rushing:-

This acupressure points located on the top of the foot, in the valley between the big toe and second too. As you find out this point press with your fingers for 3-4 minutes. While pressing the point, take the deep and slow breath with your closed eyes. You will get much relaxation from a headache, eye fatigue, hangovers, allergies, arthritis, and foot cramps.

Why should you use acupressure points for a headache?

There are many benefits of using the acupressure over the traditional medical treatments. The reason for pain above the neck is mostly excessive muscle tension and imbalances in vascular region. Therefore, it can easily be cured by acupressure points, traditional medicines can be fast and give you instant results, but it is temporary.

Treatment of a headache and migraine with the help of acupressure will be permanent even though it’ll take more time than traditional medicines.  Even though treatment with the aid of acupressure is lengthier, it does not have any side-effects.

There are many professionals who provide consultation for the proper use of acupressure; we suggest taking their help to find the following acupressure points for a headache before trying yourself.

Regions to a Cure Headache

Applying pressure to below-listed meridian points will allow you to clear the blockage and results in the consistent flow of energy from them. You do not need to use all the listed meridian points, but you can use three or four of them whenever you have the time or free hand.

Bright Light Point

This is the forehead point, which is located on the inner corners of the eyes. It is an important point which can give you faster relief in a headache. After you find your point apply gentle pressure with one finger and thumb for around 1 minute.

Another benefit of this acupressure point is that it’ll also help to improve one’s vision.

Third Eye Point

This point can be located at the junction of nose and eyebrows where nose and forehead meet. We recommend applying gentle pressure with your first finger on this acupressure point.

The best thing about this point is that it not only helps a curing headache but also provides relief in fever, eye strains, and indigestions.

Behind the Neck

Location of this point is an exact opposite side of the third eye point. This acupressure point helps curing eye pain, sinus pain, and headache.

Be sure to apply gentle pressure on a daily basis with one finger for better results.

Near Nose

As the name suggests this acupressure point for a headache is located near both the side of nose and cheekbones. For better understanding, please refer to the image.

This point gives relief in nasal congestion and headache.

Wind Mansion

Location of the mansion wind point is precisely the hollow part of the skull on the rear side of the head; it is the point where neck and head joints.

For exact location, please refer to the image. This position gives relief in the stiff neck, headache, and vertigo.

Conciseness Point

Near the neck muscle and bellow, the wind mansion is the location of this acupressure point for a headache. Applying regularly gentle pressure on this point will result in curing not only headache but will also give you wonderful results in eye strains and neuromotor conditions.

Pillar Point

This point is precisely bellowed the conciseness point, it’s a crucial point to cure a headache and it is not recommended for pregnant woman.

Other benefits of regularly applying acupressure treatment on this points are its stress reliever and can cure insomnia and provide you wonderful sleep.

Valley Point

Again this is the acupressure point which is not recommended for a pregnant woman because using this can result in premature contractions. This Acupoint is located between the thumb and index finger.

It is the perfect point to reduce the labor pain, shoulder pain, and headache.

Foot Points

There are two different points on foot which can help you cure your headache instantly.

  • Frontal Point: This point is located on the top of the foot between the toe and second toe. Benefits of this point are that it’ll provide relief in not only headache but also a few allergies and arthritis.
  • Above Tears: For the better understanding of the point location, please refer to an image, it is located near the webbing of both the outer side of the toes. It gives wonderful results in a headache and sciatica.

So the list mentioned above is the acupressure points which can cure your headache. Have you used any of this? We would love to hear about the Acupressure results in the comment section.


Acupressure therapy is very helpful in all diseases especially headaches and diseases related to the nervous system. Sometimes medicines do not suit a patient, and it often takes much time to cure or complete relief from pain. Acupressure works wonders for such patients.