Acupressure Points for Foot Pain

Acupressure Points for Foot Pain:

Foot pain can cause due to disturbance to the foot, tedious motion, continues sitting or standing or due to misalignment of the hip or knee of our leg. As a human habit of medical treatment apart from the medical support, you may have another option of acupressure treatment that can give you a better solution also and it may also have the ability to remove such rigid pain from the base on permanent base.

As we know that in acupressure treatment such sufficient body parts pointed with gentle pressure by finger or thumb pressure so that the relevant pain can be removed. There are various reasons for the foot pain, and we need to handle the situation and apply acupressure treatment on the basis of the pain and problem in your foot.

Acupressure Points for Foot Pain

Before you use any acupressure treatment on your foot for pain first, you need to identify the problem and the cause for which you are feeling pain. Certain pressure points are connected with your strain parts so that you may get relief from the pain by applying the proper and right method. If you need some help, then you may tell your friend or any family member to apply pressure point to the certain area if you cannot do on your own.

Acupressure Points for Leg Pain

Acupressure point of hollow will help you to relieve ankle sprains, sciatica pain, swelling and another kind of ankle related problems. By proper treatment and pressure point, you may also get relief from the disturbance, impatience, and it will make you calm and compose in a certain way to feel relax.

This ankle point found on the internal part of the ankle bone and with the help of the index finger you may by pressing for 30 seconds can apply pressure. Do this process eight times and you need to work on your breath system also while doing the process.

Acupuncture Treatment for Heel Pain

Another illuminated Sea point for the acupressure point can found in the inside part of the ankle, and it will give you puffed-up ankles, stiffness around the ankle and another kind of pain related to the ankles. By keeping your thumb away from your ankle with 1 cm distance on both the side, you may by gently apply pressure simultaneously you may feel the relief from the pain. Do this process for two minutes daily to get the proper and efficient result.

The High Mountains pressure point will help you to reduce thigh pain, lower back pain, and rheumatism in foot joints, puffy feet, and ankle pains. To get relief from the pain, you need to apply pressure with your thumb between the outer ankle bone and to the Achilles’ tendon. You need to work on this process for five minutes as soon as you will complete the process you will experience the relief immediately.

Reflexology Foot Pain

If you have more problems, then you may do this process for two to three days every day so that you may have faster relief from your pain. You can do this process on both of your legs one by one. Even the Calm Sleep pressure point found groove directly below the outer ankle bone.

With the help of this pressure point, you will get relief from insomnia, ankle pain, heel pain, and other general foot pains. You need to give pressure to the point with the help of the index finger and massage the area in a circular direction. By doing the process for a few days or within a month you may get a better result from the pain.

Wrist Point is such a pressure point that will find right in the middle of the waistline. With the help of your thumb, you may do center wrist pressure for two or more minutes continuously so that you may apply proper pressure for the pain.

This pressure point will help you to get relief from ankle pain and another kind of problems related to the ankles. You can do this every day but keep in mind that you must be careful while pressing the point as not gives too hard pressure on this point.

You can also do wrist bone and Ankle massage so that you may get the relief from the problem related to the hurt area on your foot. It will boost a new energy to your foot. With the help of the thumb, you may do the treatment on your feet to get relief and filled it with new energy to your feet. You may also immerse your feet in the warm water of tub that will relax your feet muscles, and it can also help to increase your feet point’s effects.

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