Acupressure point for Piles

Suffering from piles problem and looking for natural therapy to free you from the pain? Dear friend, you are on the right page to find the solution to your problem. We have discussed a lot of things about acupressure treatment on many pain and problems. We recommend the acupressure treatment for relief from pain without any problems (only when treated under the supervision of professional persons).

To suffer from piles problem disturbs your life as it snaps out all most happiness from your life. Piles also called as hemorrhoids cause puffy and sore blood pots in the rectum and anus.

Hemorrhoids are painful, and it might blood loss during defecation. This pain chances for both men and women both as per statistics shows equal chances. The indication of this disease takes in bleeding rectum, loss of hemorrhoid bolus, accompanied by burning and soreness and sometimes thrombosis.

This is a very common problem that affected millions of peoples across the world. The primary cause for the pile’s problem due to effect to leave stool, pregnancy, chronic constipation or low fiber diet.

Acupressure points for Piles

Piles placed on the internal side of the anus and external side of the anus. The most important indicator shows pain upon mass departure, anal blazing, anal itching and anal bleeding or any of them from the combination. To solve the problem and get relief from such headache pain people need to have sometimes surgical treatment.

If you want to get pain relief from the piles problem and even you, don’t want to choose surgical treatment then you have another option of natural cure. With the help of the acupressure treatment, you may get relief from your pain.

Acupressure point treatment is one of the most effective and result oriented treatment done by using nature spirit and energy. The human body is contained with elements and parts with each other in connection.

For the Hemorrhoids can be also cured with the help of the acupressure treatment, you only need to get knowledge about the key pressure point to get relief from the pain by apply gentle treatment.

Hot and Cold Compression Therapy can be an option to select as pain relief treatment. With the help of this treatment, you can reduce irritation. The hot and cold sense calm down the nerves, trigger the pain signal to the mind. Applying heat to tissues cause to increases circulation or blood flow and causes connective tissues to become more elastic.

Well, this treatment will give you temporary relaxation but it will be cure relief. You need to apply this treatment to a patient for 20 minutes to take effect of hot and cold squash. The patient can be treating with this therapy with an interval period of three to four hours to use the same treatment again.

While using a treatment of warm water, you can also add three to four tablespoons Epsom salt in warm water then sit for 15 to 20 minutes. For sure this formula will give you quick relief from the pain.

Acupressure points for Piles

Hip Bath or Sitz Baths can also be an option to get relief from pain. Warm hip bath or Sitz baths give relief from the uneasiness and pain of piles or hemorrhoids, anal cracks, and rectal surgery by reducing join together itching, pain, and embarrassment.

To use this technique you need to take a large tub which can be filled with at least 3 to 4 inches of hot water. Water should be of 43° C hot and patient need to sit for 15 to 20 minutes or until it cools down later. With an alternate treatment of hot bath and cold bath also comfort one option to get relief from pain. A 30-60 second cold bath or a towel soaked in cold water can also be used to place the treatment.

The other option for this pain is Massage and Ointments option. Such treatment like pressing, pushing, vibration and sensation can be applied to calm the sharp pain. With care and gentle press the anal sphincter muscle on rectum chops with fingertip along with lubricated icy creams like Vaseline, jelly or medicated cream.

When treating a patient suffering from the pain of piles with acupressure treatment you need care as on sensitive elements you need to give pressure. One point Du Mai 4 which is effective to get rid of from pain considered as the best key point for the pain of piles. This one is the easiest point to locate in and also it can be useful to do without any pain by pressure work.

Another technique called Su Jok therapy called treatment you may also use to give relief from pain to the patient of piles or hemorrhoids. You need to find painful key pressure points for the rectum. Now you need to put a stick on that point and apply pressure on those points. Make sure that the stick you are using is not so sharpened otherwise it will hurt you. On perfect points, you need to keep continue to apply pressure to feel an effect of the treatment.

The patient should be careful with his or her diet chart also. Patient has to take care of his meal. Especially avoid that kind of food which can affect the piles pain directly or indirectly. The entire acupressure treatment patient should have to do under the guidance of the professional person who knows the treatment well. In wrong place if the pressure has been given then it will hurt you more instead of get relief from the pain from which you are suffering.